Knowledge transfer – SAP Basis / Networking / Web development

Knowledge transfer on different technologies (SAP basis, Networking, Web development) which will be helpful for you to make your freelancing successful. I will cover following technologies in this knowledge transfer service.

  1. Creating dynamic website: I am using wordpress online blogging software for developing and promoting my website. This knowledge transfer is helpful in setting up a dynamic website, where you can show case your knowledge. So that you can start your own blog which will help you to attract visitors. I will teach you on writing different seo friendly articles.
  2. Windows Administration: This knowledge transfer will help you in setting up windows network which is useful for setting different types of servers (Ex: SAP server). This knowledge transfer will give you confidence in handling different types of computers.
  3. VMware Administration: This knowledge transfer will give you chance to convert single computer as computer network. So that you can feel you are handling a computer network without having multiple physical computers.
  4. SAP Basis administration: This knowledge transfer enables you to talk with different types of people who are located across world. Because SAP software is available and useful all over world, you will get connected with many people from different countries. So that you will get a chance either to transfer your knowledge or serve to other people

Benefits of this Knowledge transfer

  1. You will get complete knowledge on SAP Basis administration
  2. You will get complete knowledge on setting up VMware workstation
  3. You will get complete knowledge on Windows networking
  4. You will get tips and tricks for setting up a dynamic website
  5. You will feel that, you will become independent freelancer
  6. You will get 1 year support for your questions
  7. You can become independent online/offline consultant over a period of time
  8. You will understand the seo concepts to get visitors to your dynamic website
  9. You will know how to showcase your knowledge
  10. You will get skills in handling different people who spread all over world
  11. You will get knowledge in using online audio, video and screen sharing technologies
  12. You will get knowledge of getting payments from customers through different channels
  13. You will understand on getting revenue from online advertisements
  14. You will get complete knowledge in making your products page
  15. You will get knowledge on tracking your visitors

If you want me to get this service of ‘Knowledge Transfer’ on SAP Basis / Networking / Web development along with SEO, Please get back to me for further discussions. You can add my skype account punarvasi in your skype account and ping me. I will accept and talk to you online about this service.

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