Knowledge in networking is required to pass a+ essentials exam (220-701)

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We should have proper knowledge in networking to pass a+ essentials examination. Here I have listed all of the topics in networking which are objectives of a+ essentials exam. I will explain about each topic in separate lesson with example, image and video. Keep watching this section of this blog to get pass a+ essentials exam. Ask any question about this topic using comments section.

We should be able to summarize the basics of networking fundamentals, including technologies, devices and protocols like basics of configuring IP addressing and TCP/IP properties (DHCP, DNS), Bandwidth and latency, Status indicators, Protocols (TCP/IP, NETBIOS), Full-duplex, half-duplex, Basics of workgroups and domains, Common ports: HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, TELNET, HTTPS, LAN / WAN, Hub, switch and router, Identify Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Basics class identification

We should be able to categorize network cables and connectors and their implementations like Plenum / PVC, UTP (e.g. CAT3, CAT5 / 5e, CAT6), STP, Fiber Coaxial cable, Connectors (RJ45, RJ11)

We should be able to compare and contrast the different network types like Broadband (DSL, Cable, Satellite, Fiber)  Dial-up, Wireless, All 802.11 types, WEP, WPA, SSID, MAC filtering, DHCP settings, Bluetooth, Cellular

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