Do you know what is logical spool server in an SAP system and how to create it?

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I have written this article with an intention to make it simple. You will very easily understand what is logical spool server and how to create one within an SAP system.

Output device is usually assigned to a physically spool server. A spool server can be assigned multiple output devices. With this type of assignment, server will become overloaded. So the concept of creating another logical layer between output devices and physical spool servers is introduced.

I will proceed further and if you notice there will be several points that you can observe that are mentioned in a manner such  that you will be in a postion to understand it very easily. My students from over 5 continents have always praised me for delivering the subject in such a way that it becomes easy. Do you also want to be a part of my high impact sap basis training? If you are busy then ou may want to have a look at my sap basis training videos.

Spool Server:

SAP application server (SAP Instance) with at least one spool work process is called spool server.

Logical spool server:

Logical spool server is a concept of adding another layer between output device and physical spool server to avoid over burden of print requests from sap end users. An alternative spool server can be assigned to a logical spool server to reduce the load.

You can classify out devices and spool servers as test printing, production printing, mass printing…etc

Step-by-step procedure to create logical spool server in as SAP system…

  1. In the SAP system, choose Tools – CCMS – Print – Spool Administration or enter transaction code SPAD and hit enter
  2. Spool administration: Initial screen will be displayed
  3. Click ‘Display’ button which is placed after a empty filed of spool servers
  4. Spool administration: List of spool servers screen will be displayed
  5. Click Change button in the application toolbar
  6. Click Create button in the application toolbar
  7. Enter the name for spool server and enter some description to this spool server
  8. Classify the spool server as Test server or test print
  9. Click on SAVE button in the standard toolbar
  10. You will get an option to select the spool server for mapping to this logical spool server
  11. Enter the physical or another logical spool server in this text field and click on save button
  12. If you need load balancing for this logical spool server. select the check box in front of Load balancing check box and provide an alternative spool server
  13. Once you choose all the options click on SAVE button
  14. Now create an output device for local printing and choose this logical spool server as spool server
  15. Send any test print using this output device
  16. Goto transaction code SP02 and select the output request and click on the display details to know the actual real spool server is used

I hope you understood what is local spool server and how to create it by going though the step-by-step procedure given above. Please ask me if you have any questions or doubts on this topic. I will answer all of your questions in this article. If you want to understand more about this experiment, you can go through my videos on SAP Basis training. You can watch some of the demo videos in my channel and also can subscribe to my private channel to watch entire set of sap basis training videos.

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  1. Mogileeswar


    I have a question on this logical spool server topic. You have explained a logical spool server with 2 real spool servers for load balancing.

    My question here is how to do the load balancing if I have more than 2 real spool servers because I should be able to do the load balancing among all the spool servers I have, for eg, 5 spool servers.


    • Raj

      You can not create all the 5 real spool server for load balance at single go. Instead, you can take the reference of another logical spool server to point to a physical spool server.


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