Its foolish to under estimate the capabilities of your children

If you are a business man or woman, please remember, don’t push your son or daughter into the thought of doing job under somebody. You may want to teach something which you have experienced in your earlier days. For today’s younger generation, there is no need to learn everything from the scratch. They can easily understand anything just by experiencing anything 1 or 2 times. For example, if they have to know the value of food, you can ask them to skip an afternoon meal for 1 or 2 times. They can easily understand the value of food. You can ask them to take these type of examinations on their own. You should also remember that, they never to be forced to do any activity. Instead, try to make them understand about what you want to teach. Each & Every child has the capability of taking care of father’s or mother’s business. Don’t worry about their capability.

Its foolish to under estimate of your children
Its foolish to under estimate the capabilities of your children. Instead, provide them with the best internal coaching such a way that they should be able to handle all the incidents that they face on day to day basis spontaneously to achieve the great career & personal life.

I am writing this article, because, I have heard a statement from one of my friends who is doing business, expressed that, ‘My son cannot do my business’. Moreover, He also added that, ‘He has to do job.’ I felt it is 100% wrong statement. As per his son’s statement, he been never informed about to manage the current business that is owned by his father. Without discussing with his, how can he come to a conclusion. So, as father or mother, it is your primary responsibility to talk with your son/daughter to understand their views about your profession or business. Then, it will become easy for you to take the decisions properly.

If you are very satisfied with your current business and you feel it is genuine enough, don’t push your son/daughter into the job to work under somebody else. Instead, educate them such a way that they can handle your business smoothly. Once they understand your business completely, they can perform 100 times better than you. You can’t understand the power of your own blood. Only people who observe from outside with helicopter view can understand their capabilities and can guide them in a better way. As a Life coach, I can provide them best coaching such a way that they can overcome all the obstacles in your business for better results.

Knowingly or unknowingly, children born with great marketing capabilities and so they will get almost all the things that they need from you. Directly or indirectly, they will make you to buy what they want or to save money for their future education… Etc.

Don’t you know about this? If you don’t know, for whom you are working today. I know that, you know the answer for this question. You are 100% working for your children. Your intention is always to provide them better life. When your intention is to provide better life, don’t you want them to enjoy all the facilities that you are experiencing in your business? If you are not experiencing any good benefits in your current business, why are you still wandering in it? Quit the business and join in a job immediately. When you start thinking in this direction, you will come to a decision to provide the skills that are required for your children to handle your current business.

You can always take the help of a Life coach to provide them internal education. Life coaches can change the way of thinking for better results. He can change the mood of your children to do well for achieving their goals quicker. He can infuse lots of techniques through which they can perform with more awareness. Every child need a special coach to make use of their existing inherent capabilities. When there is a life coach beside your children in the form of special techniques that works inside, he/she can live better life in all the circumstances.
If you can’t afford the life coaching fee, you can also invest to download digital products that are recorded by me to help the people who cannot attend a personal coaching. By watching my videos, you can learn the life skills techniques. To experience the difference in you or in your children, you should put the techniques into practice for a period of 21 to 48 days.

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