Introduction to Javascript

JavaScript is a scripting language which enables us to enhance static and dynamic web applications by providing interactive content. This improve the experience of the visitor’s of our site and makes them to revisit again to our site. Some of the examples are flashy drop-down menus, moving text, changing content without refreshing the page. These are all the things possible using JavaScript language. JavaScript will be supported in almost all the web browsers available today.

To practice and learn JavaScript, we need to have simple text editor like Notepad which will be installed along with any windows operating system.

JavaScript is an interpreted language rather than a compiled language. Interpreter is a special program which converts the JavaScript to Machine code each time the script parses through a browser. Compiler is also a program which will used by a programmer to convert the code that he wrote to machine code. The program user uses the direct machine code to execute the program.

The JavaScript always runs in a web browser. So we need to have a text editor and a web browser to run JavaScript. Examples of web browsers are Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. These web browsers come equipped with Java Script Interpreters.

Java Script is the product of Netscape and Jscript is the brand of Microsoft. Java Script is also referred as ECMAScript. The ECAM – European Computer Manufacturers Association is a private organization that develop standards in information and communication systems. One of the standards they control is Java Script. So that they call Java Script as ECMAScript.

The organization W3C – World Wide Web Consortium sets the standards for web pages. W3C set standards for HTML, XHTML, XML and also how Java Script interacts with web pages in a web browser.

The main reson for choosing Java Script is its widespread use and availability. Both most popula web browsers IE and Firefox supports Java Script. VB Script which will be used for the same purpose as Java Script, but VB Script is supported only by IE with windows operating system.

The most common use of Java Script is interacting with users at web browsers such as getting information from users and validating their inputs.

We can also disable the Java Script support in any browser specifically. The procedure to disable the Java Script in

  • Mozilla Firefox is Choose Tools – Options – Click the content tab in the window which appears after clicking Options – Remove theĀ  Tick before Enable Java Script.
  • Internet Explorer is Choose Tools – Internet Options – Security – Custom Level – Scripting Section – Click that Active Scripting is set to disable
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