Introduction to Internet and html

Internet is a very big market place where we can share ideas, send messages, share audio and video, buy and sell products, learn online, earn online, speak, watch others through video conference, recruit employees, trade online, transfer funds, bill payments, polling, voting, chatting, gaming…so on. Without traveling much we can do almost all the tasks here. Internet is separate world which will have websites instead of houses. websites will have different types of web pages instead of different types of family members. Man was created by god and web page created by man. To create web page we should learn language called html (hyper text markup language)

To access a web page no special software is required except a browser software which will come along with any major operating system. Operating system is compulsory to use a computer. so that browser will be there in operating system. so that we can access html web pages in our computer.

What will you do if you want to share html page created by you with your friend located in your office or home. I think you will show him in your computer. That way may be correct when it is one time. You can share file in network if he is also using a computer and it was connected in lan with your computer again and again any number of times without calling your friend to see the file in your computer.

Suppose your friend living in next street, what you will do? You may think about laying a lan cable from your home to his home to share files. I think it may be possible if he is very nearer to you. All these are not possible if he is in other city, village, country…. at all. So there is a big network called internet where millions of computers already connected together with the help of telephone service providers all over world. So that you and your friend can share files each other, if both of you takes internet connection. Taking interent connection means what? Internet service provider will give you the facility to you using their telephone line to connect to already existing big network (interent). That means your both computers will be networked without laying a very big cable by yourself.

So connecting both of your computers is over. Now what? Your friend created one file and asked you to see by making a phone call. That means each time he need to inform about the files created by him. This may be very difficult to share ides in simple manner. so that web server concept came. Your friend and you installed server operating system and activated web server service in both the computers. After completion of the creation of web servers you and your friend will copy all the files into a folder of web server of yours. Then you will access your friend’s web server and your friend will access your web server to see the files created by each other. It is very difficult to maintain web server because of its cost. So that we can depend upon some body who is offering this service. We call them as hosting providers. We need to buy hosting account to share files with others. You and your friend taken web hosting account and uploaded all files to hosting provider. Then you need to have a unique name to access files from any where. This name is called domain name. Any major web hosting providers will give name as free of cost along with web hosting account.

You can buy only domain name without hosting account from any domain name registrars.But you can not put any files to show whenever they type your domain name in address bar of a browser.

After having domain name and hosting account with us, we will be able to upload html files(web pages) to hosting folder using ftp. So that any body can access our website using our domain name.

We will learn about html in depth in next lessions. keep watching this blog to learn html practically. If you have doubts on this lesson or topic you can leave a message in comments section.

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