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I teach computer hardware and networking online. I will explain all the topics with practical examples. just read these articles which are under category of hardware training to understand most of the hardware course. let me tell you one thing that computer hardware can be learned by any person with the experience. That means you have to work with another senior engineer solving different computer problems. But we can learn some fundamentals about computer hardware by reading good material of computer hardware. I have to give notes to my students to whom i teach hardware in my office at hyderabad. So that same material i am planning is posting here as articles. so miss to get this course material at free of cost online. You also can fix an appointment with me for online interactive session for a specific topic by paying $5.

What is a computer?

computer is a electronic device which can many tasks at a time in seconds. This can do any type of operations like word, image, video, graphic processing. This can be used to home or office work like preparing letters, maintaining accounts, storing data like photos, videos, files..etc, playing games, watching video, listening music. So we can use this device in many ways.

What is required to make a computer?

There are so many manufacturrers are there in the world to manufacturer computer parts. we have to collect or buy different parts required to assemble a computer and assemble the computer. This computer is called assembled computer. but what is branded computer? it is also a assembled computer which will be assembled by a well known company in bulk quantity and sell to the end customers by testing the computer under all circumstances. so that brnded computer will be little bit costly and also reliable.

What are all the parts required to assemble a computer? I have listed below in the order how we assemble a computer.

  • SMPS – Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Cabinet – This is required to fix remaining parts inside
  • Mother Board – This is required to fix all other pc components
  • Processor – This will be inserted on mother board
  • RAM (Random Access Memory) – This also will be fixed directly on the mother board
  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive) – This will be fixed inside cabinet at specified place where we can put 3.5 inch device. most of the manufacturers of cabinets will provide separate spaces for HDD, DVD Drive, FDD… We connect this part by using a data cable from mother board and power cable from SMPS
  • DVD Drive and Folppy drive (Oprtional) This also can be connected just like Hard Disk Drive only but need more space than HDD
  • Key board, Mouse – Input devices. We will use these devices to give instructions to computer so that these are input devices
  • Monitor – Output device. We use this device to see the result of a computer operation so that it is called output device

So keep watching this blog to get maximum knowledge in computer hardware. At it will be helpful to repair your own computer. Ask me any doubts in comments section of this post.

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