Installing windows server 2003 64bit OS using VMware Workstation for installing ecc 6.0 ehp4

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You have to install windows server 2003/2008 64bit operating system to install ecc 6.0 ehp4. You can install this OS on VMware virtual machine as guest operating system. Installing on VMware will be easy for you to switch from one computer to another whenever required. You can copy the vmdk file to any system to make SAP ECC 6.0 available for practice. There are lot of functional and technical modules available to practice in ecc 6.0 ehp4. This is an ides software which will have sample data which will be helpful to understand sap functionality easily. Practicing will become very easy with the ides software. ides installation is separately explained in the earlier articles in this site. This article is all about installing VMware software and windows server operating system.

Step by step procedure for installing windows server 2003 64bit os using VMware workstation for installing ECC 6.0 EHP4.

  • You can choose this installation if you are planing to install ecc 6.0 ehp4 using vmware
  • Install VMware workstation 6.0 software in any host operating system.
  • Allocate required RAM from your actual RAM. 8GB RAM is recommended for faster accessing of sap screens
  • Allocate minimum 400GB Hard Disk space from your actual Hard disk
  • keep windows server 2003 64bit operating system cd and started virtual machine
  • Operating system installation will be started as usual just like the direct os installation on a new system
  • Selected only 25GB for C: Drive when the installation wizard prompts
  • Provide the correct installation key when it asks
  • Keep the proper host name. Maximum up to 13 characters allowed for sap installation. This host name should be related to your sap solution manager key. You should have the solution manager for the values of host name, system number and SID.
  • You can select any type of password as per instructions given in the windows server installation wizard screen.
  • You can select typical network settings. You should give the static IP address for at least one adapter. This setting can be done even after completion of operating system installation
  • Installation will be finished
  • You have to install VMware tools using VM tab in the VMware software screen
  • This installation will allow you to maximize the screen to full size and also allow you to move the mouse inside guest and host operating system without using any key board keys
  • You have to create another drive D: using computer management tool.
  • You have to allocate all the remaining space for D: drive
  • You can keep the software DUMP of EHP4 in any of  host opeating system drive
  • You should share the software dump folder
  • You should configure the vmware software to use shared folder which is located in the host system
  • You should map the network drive in guest system to access the shared folder
  • You can start the actual installation of ECC 6.0 EHP4
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