An innocent girl got into an Audi car which is not supposed to be!

When you give value to the things that you can see with your naked eyes, you should realize that, there is a huge scope of loosing your internal stability and so piece of mind in the installments slowly. It is very dangerous to the life which is the most essential need to make a human body to stand, sit, sleep, walk, talk… Etc..

Life coaching is all for self realisation about the value of life
Life coaching is all for self realisation about the value of life

I am writing this article simply because of an incident happened while driving to an office nearby Secunderabad today in the morning. I was in my Honda city car and I saw one of my friends going beside me in an Audi car. As we are crossing a Shenoy bus stop, all the girls and boys in the bus stand looking at my friend who is driving an Audi car. I have observed the eyes of all the people are staring at the car instead of the person inside the car. In my observation, they are all fond of luxury cars.

One of the girl shown a thumb up sign to a luxury car. He stopped and asked her where to go. She replied him to drop her at Punjagutta. She entered inside the car immediately as soon as he agreed.

In my observation, what will be the story to hear if the person who offer her left is a kidnapper or a rapist? I have stopped my car also at punjagutta where my friend dropped her and met the girl and explained about the thought which I got into my mind, and told her to be cautious and take care. I have also added some of the incidents that I read in the newspaper every day.

This happed just because of a hidden feeling of an attraction of a luxury car. The information about the luxury was inserted into the brain of every girl or boy today either by their own parents or by the society. The luxury is great when it comes in a certain way, but it is too dangerous when something bad happens. In the current era, anything may happen (Good/Bad). If something bad happens, you need lots of internal withstanding capability to handle the unforeseen incidents. If something good happens, you need lots of internal observation to make use of the opportunities.

So, finally, boys or girls should be equipped with a lot of self skills to encounter any kind of situation appropriately. Today, education about personal skills or life skills are more effective than any kind of academic knowledge. Students should know what to do with the skills that they acquire through the academic study. They should know how to apply and gain sufficient income to take care of themselves as well as to take care of their family. If this doesn’t happen, whatever the time they spend in reading, writing and appearing/pass in the examinations, completely goes into the drain. They should not depend on some bodies earning to lead their life. They should be able to make use of their own skills to make an attractive income from the market. If they are trained well to enhance their skills to get into either job or business, there is a huge scope of early settlement in the life. Once they feel satisfied and settled, there is no need to wander into the mundane type of life.

They will feel more happy and joyful all the time. Please remember if you are a father or a mother, you should invest in providing the right kind of internal education to your children. So, they will become a wonderful member of your family and of course a wonderful citizen of a country.

You may think that you are already providing all the life skills that are needed for your children. If you are in the same thought that, you know everything to guide your children, it is a disastrous in the long run as nobody is completely fulfilled with all the skills. Learning and applying the skills into the life is a continuous journey. Experienced coaches can guide better than you as a father or a mother. In fact, you should need to attend some sessions to equip yourself with the right kind of skills to lead a wonderful life.

Keep reading my articles, I wish you a happy and wonderful life.

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