How to improve self confidence on your own

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How to improve self confidence on your own is a challenging question. I have found some of the great ways to improve my confidence as and when it is required. I would like to share the strategies to improve self confidence on your own. Before writing the strategies, I would like to tell you a simple story. Read carefully and try to understand the moral of the story.

Once upon a time, there was a person who is running a business. He was running his business very well. One day, one of his friend entered into his business to help the business to make more profits in short time. His friend suggested him to invest in real estate sector to make quick money. He has invested major portion of his savings into real estate sector. He has concentrated more on new business. Slowly, He has reduced interest towards the old business. To make more profits, he took several loans form his friends and invested into the new venture. All of sudden, the real estate sector became non profitable because of no sales. It has happened all of sudden due to recession. His old business is not at all good because of less concentration by him. All the customers of his old business went away. All the money got stuck in his new business. The people who gave money on loan struggled him a lot to return. Some how, He could not manage the situation and decided to commit suicide.

As soon as he got the idea of committing suicide, he went onto a 25 stored building to jump from there to kill himself. He has reached the top floor and stood on to the small wall which is open to sky. He has closed his eyes and opened before jumping and saw down. He has observed that all the buildings, people, vehicles appeared are very small to him. He has seen himself at that stage and felt very big at that moment and got full confidence on himself. That’s all he has stopped performing the action of jumping. He came back and asked his lenders some more time to settle their money. He has sold his entire assets and made everything into liquid cash. Keeping the cash in his bank, he has started focusing on his old business and opened number of branches and followed the same strategy as in his first branch. He got succeeded and settled all of his loans within 2 years. The moral of the story is ‘You have to think 10 times before taking any decision’ You will come up with better ideas to perform better. A single thought is enough to reach your goal of success.

Some of the simple strategies to improve self confidence on your own….

1. Stand in front of a mirror without dress and ask yourself a question that, Do I like myself? If your answer is no, then work towards shaping yourself such way that you like yourself. As soon as you get the thought of shaping yourself, you feel confident. Keep the confidence within and do the actions. Because, your body is the first requirement to perform any action. Without keeping it healthy, whatever you do, it is half doing. Do exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and healthy. Your confidence will increase automatically as days progresses.

2. Sit under the shower in your bathroom and observe the water falling on you consistently. How beautifully the water is performing the action of falling form shower on to yourself? After 5-10 minutes, You will feel confident enough to achieve anything in your life. You can observe your breath while you are under the shower to feel more vibrant. You must think consciously that, without water, there is no living being in this planet. Water will give you more energy and so confidence. Try and check yourself once.

3. What are the positive features about you? When you think about all the positive features about you will give you instant confidence. Instead of thinking and feel bad about negative situations of you, calculate about positive things that you have at present will give you instant kick inside which will help you to achieve anything that you like.

You can think and build the list of strategies that you feel confident and make note of them and apply as and when you are depressed.

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