HTML tags

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HTML tags are the command lines used to format text, image, video in different format and used to align properly in a web page. All the text and images can be arranged in a proper way using html tags. So that user can easily understand our web content and helps us to get the same visitor more times.

  • All tags of html enclosed within a < left bracket less than symbol and > right bracket greater than symbol. These special characters will differentiate from actual text of the page.
  • Opening is denoted by <> and closing is denoted by </>
  • <html> and </html> denotes it is a html document. Any html page will have these two opening and closing tags
  • Tag names are not case sensitive, generally they are written using uppercase letters to differentiate from the original text of a document

Some of the html tags are listed below. I will explain about all of these tags separately in their related articles.

  • Headline tags
  • Paragraph formatting tags
  • Font settings tag
  • <DIV> tag
  • Multicolumn tag
  • Horizontal line
  • Body attributes
  • Additional text formatting like super script, sub script, strike effect

I will explain about each and every tag in the next lessons with clear examples. you will understand without any doubt. keep watching this blog to learn html practicals. Leave a message in comments place to ask me any question regarding this topic.

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