HTML font settings tag

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HTML font tag is used to text style specifications. The tag is <FONT> ….</FONT>. The attributes are as follows. We can apply different font, colour, size to given text using this tag and its attributes. The attributes are as follows.

  • FACE
  • SIZE

FACE Attribute will be used inside the FONT tag. This tag is used to set the font of a text. The syntax is

<FONT FACE=”VALUE”> FACE attribute changes the font of this text in between these two opening and closing tags</FONT>

Some of the values for the FACE attribute are listed below. We should have these fonts installed in our computer to be displayed correctly.

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Verdana
  • Georgia

SIZE attribute of the <FONT> is used to specify the size of the text. The Syntax is

<FONT SIZE=”VALUE”> This text size varies depends upon the size value given</FONT>

These size values are 1,2,3,4….. Where 1 means 8, 2 means 10, 3 means 12pt and so on

COLOR attribute of the <FONT> is used to specify the color of the text. The syntax is

<FONT COLOR=”VALUE”>this text color will change according to the color value given here in this tag</FONT>

Some of the color values we useĀ  #FF0000 to get red, #00FF00 to get Green, #0000ff to get Blue, #fffffff to get white, #000000 to get black …etc

FONT tag Example of html source code is as follows. Copy this code and paste it in a new notepad file and save it as .html file to practice.




Testing Font tad and its attribute




<font face=”Arial” size=”6″ color=”#0000ff”> This text is to test the HTML FONT tag and its attributes </FONT>



Result of the above code is uploaded to our hosting server so that you can see the output of the above code here

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