HTML code to display text into multiple coloumns

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The <MULTICOL></MULTICOL> tag is used to place text of a document into multiple, equal width columns. This tag is useful when you are planning for only text in your web page. This can be implemented very easily by following step by step procedure.

Steps to create a web page which consists of multiple columns

1. open notepad and type following code

2. <MULTICOL COLS=”3″ GUTTER=”20″ WIDTH=”10″>Type the text you like here… If you have more text, you can understand well about this tag. All this text will be divided into 3 columns and displayed in a browser. You can have more or less columns by changing value of COLS attribute. </MULTICOL>

3. Save the file as multi.html

4. Open the file by double clicking

5. Text will be displayed into three columns

Attributes cols represents no. of columns, Gutter represents gap between columns, width represents width of each column. This tag is rarely used in web pages now a days, but it having its own significance of getting text displayed in multiple columns without using any more complicated html tags.

As for any doubts on this topic in comments section of this post.

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