How to start and stop SAP (ECC) System from SAP Management Console?

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SAPMMC.MSC which is located in the folder C:WINDOWS will be executed with the help of mmc.exe which is located in the folder C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32. You can find a shortcut of SAP management console on the desktop. This shortcut will be created automatically during the installation of central services instance of SAP system.

We can open this SAP Management console in three ways. They are

  1. We can open by double clicking on Shortcut which is located on desktop “SAP Management Console”
  2. Browsing to the folder C:windows and double click the file SAPMMC.MSC
  3. Executing “MMC” from run – File – Add/Remove Snap-in – Click Add – Select SAP Systems Manager – Click Add – Click next in the general settings screen – Click next in the security screen – Add SID and Instance <Hostname> <Instance Nr.> – Click Add – Click Finish – Click OK – Click File – Click Save – Select the location – Give the name of the console – Click Save. You will have the new console which can be used to start SAP system.

We will get a SAP Management console after proceeding with any of the above steps. We can observe that there will be two panes, Left and right. The following procedure can be followed to start SAP System.

  1. Locate the SID of the SAP system and select – Right Click – Click Start (We can also use Right Arrow symbol which is located at top tool bar to start SAP System)
  2. Type the password of the user which we have given at the time of SAP installation and click OK
  3. It will take some time to system up and running. This time will be depends on the configuration of the computer
  4. We have to wait until the color of SID changes to green
  5. We can check the system has started or not by checking ABAP WP table which can be accessed by clicking + at SID and click ABAP WP Table. We will get the information about all work processes in right pane.
  6. We should get the status column should be in ‘wait’ and start column should be in ‘start’ for all work processes

Now we can start SAP GUI from desktop to login to the SAP system using client, user name and password. SAPGUI can also be started from RUN command. The command is “sapgui host name System nr”

For stopping SAP System we have to do following steps.

  1. Logoff the SAP system by clicking system – logoff
  2. Click Yes in the dialog box with the message “unsaved data will be lost. Do you want to log off”
  3. Close the SAP Logon pad
  4. Open the SAP Management console and select SID – Right Click – Click Stop – Click Yes in the dialog box – Give the password if it asks
  5. Wait until the color of SID turns to grey
  6. Check the ABAP WP Table “status” and “Start” columns. They should be ‘down’ and ‘no’ respectively after some time and information will be disappeared after color of the SID changes to grey
  7. Close the SAP Management console
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  1. pratap

    All my records are lost in IDES but all the fields are in their place in their tables.
    Can anybody suggest me,what to do…??

  2. ghilson

    when start sap service in services.msc error shows “could not start sapecc_00 on local computer” Error 5 Access is denied.


  3. Hemant


    I have forgot the SAP MMC logon password to start the console. So not able to start the web services (SAP Service Instance) and therefore not able to logon at ECC 6.0 IDES.

    Please help me to know how we can crack the console admin password.

    Best Regards,
    Hemant Kumar


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