How to run sgen in an SAP system – step-by-step

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Many people has confusion on running sgen in an SAP system. I am writing this article to help those people who has this confusion. What sgen will do? For a fresher in SAP, Running sgen makes the sap system run(executes t-codes) faster. Let us see how to run sgen step-by-step.

1. Execute sgen t-code as shown in the following screen


2. SAP Load generator screen will be displayed. Select the first option, i.e Generate all objects of selected software components


3. Select all the software components and click continue in the SAP Load generator screen


4. Select the App Server and click continue. If you have more servers listed, you can also select multiple servers for this load generation which will makes the load completed as fast as possible


5. Select the job and click on the ‘Flag’ button which will Schedule the Job directly


6. Steps are finished. You can monitor the job in the following screen. You can close the screen and come back here using the same sgen t-code which will directly takes you to monitor the job screen if it is still executing the job, otherwise, it will give you the option to start sgen again as shown in the 2nd screen.



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