How to replace DVD writer from HP laptop to Acer Laptop

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Today one customer came to office and asked us to repair his DVD writer problem in his Acer laptop. I have checked the laptop and found that DVD drive try is not opening and there is no LED activity even after pressing eject button. I thought that there is some connection problem inside. So I opened back cover of where I can open a screw to remove DVD writer outside. I removed the screw which helps in fixing DVD writer inside a laptop. Most of the DVD writers in laptops connected using only one screw and data connectivity port. I removed DVD writer outside, but I didn’t find any connection faults.

I got an idea of replacing DVD writer of my hp laptop which is having mother board problem for testing purpose. Then I have removed DVD writer by removing single screw. But I found that the front face shape of a DVD writer is different from Acer DVD writer. I observed carefully and found that both DVD writers are manufactured by SONY and labels are of Acer and HP. I also found that the bodies of both DVD writers are same. Only back screw fitting position and front face shape are different. Then I observed little deeper and removed both front faces and interchanged, I also interchanged screw positions by replacing holes on DVD writers. Now the HP DVD writer is with Acer face and back screw position which is suitable to fix in an Acer laptop. I fixed the hp DVD writer in the Acer laptop. Now the DVD writer is perfectly working fine. I informed customer that DVD writer is not working need to be replaced. Customer asked me about price. I told him that 3000/- plus 300/- service charges. He is very happy that his laptop’s DVD is working with very less price.

Ask me questions about your laptop problems. I will give you ideas to solve problems using technology and smart knowledge. We can solve any type of problems by using little common sense. Acer will charge minimum 7000/- to give this type of service in Acer service support center.

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