How to perform complete offline backup in an sap system

Complete offline oracle database backup in an sap system is easy to perform using BRTOOLS. BRTOOLS are provided by SAP AG for simpler database administration. You can perform the oracle database backup by selecting 1,2,3 options.

Step-by-step procedure to perform the Oracle database backup in an SAP system using BRTOOLS. (Ex: OS: Windows Server 2008, Database: Oracle

  1. Log on to Windows Server using SIDADM (Ex: DEVADM if your SAPSID is DEV)
  2. There is no need to set any user variables for DEVADM user to perform database administration
  3. Click run and type CMD, Command prompt will be opened
  4. Enter BRTOOLS and hit enter, You will get BR*Tools main menu will be displayed
  5. Type 4 and hit enter, (Backup and database copy)
  6. ‘Backup and database copy’ choice menu will be displayed
  7. Type 1 and hit enter
  8. BRBACKUP main options for backup and database copy input menu will be displayed
  9. Change the backup device type to disk by choosing 2nd option
  10. Type 2 and hit enter
  11. Type disk and enter
  12. Now the 2nd option will be changed to disk from tape
  13. Now, Type c and hit enter
  14. Additional BRBACKUP options for backup and database copy will be displayed
  15. Just type c and hit enter in this menu
  16. Again type c and hit enter
  17. You will see the message saying that the Database instance DEV is shutdown and it will be opened now
  18. Just type c and hit enter
  19. Again type c and hit enter
  20. Now the actual database backup will be started now

Check the database backup files are located in C:oracleDEVsapbackup folder. I hope the procedure to take the oracle database backup in an sap system is simple and straight forward. Please ask me questions if any on this topic. You can go through my online sap basis training course at sap basis training page.

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