How to move email messages form one hosting account to another

Today, I have received a call form one of my web hosting customer and informed that he is not able to receive emails form any one. Then, I have realized that I have changed the hosting account of his website form my basic shared web hosting account to my virtual private server. I have forgotten to create the email accounts within my new virtual private server after switching his hosting account. So immediately without further delay, I have created the same emails accounts at his domain name in my private server and asked him to check. He has checked and told me that new mails are receiving fine and he is able to send emails to his customers form his company mail id perfectly without any problem.

He has called me back again in few minutes and asked me about his old emails. I thought he has downloaded all the old emails using Thunderbird email client which was using by him in his apple mac book. He told me that he is using IMAP to read the emails. I understand that, IMAP does not download emails to the local computer. All the emails will be there in the web hosting server only. This is the time, I have to work on transferring email messages form my old shared basic web hosting account to virtual private server.

I thought to share my knowledge with my readers on how to transfer email messages form one hosting server to another hosting server. This is the procedure will helps my readers/students/clients on copying email messages to a new hosting account. You can follow the same procedure which I am performing now.

Step-by-Step procedure to copying email messages form old hosting account to new hosting account.

transferring email messages
transferring email messages
  1. You can go through the File Manager within your old web hosting account
  2. Locate the folder called Mail within File Manager. You can locate this file within root of your web hosting account. I mean, outside of public_html folder
  3. Once you locate the above folder, Locate the specific domain name which is associated with the email messages that you have to copy
  4. You can use any ftp client software (Ex: Filezilla) to download the folder which you have identified in the previous step
  5. Create email account(s) within your new hosting account
  6. Connect to your new hosting account using Filezilla ftp client
  7. You have to upload the folder that is downloaded form your old web hosting account to new hosting account to the same location as it was in your old hosting account
  8. After uploading of files are finished, you can see all the old email messages in your new web hosting account
  9. You can configure a email client like thunderbird or ourlook to check all of the old email messages
  10. It is very simple to copy email messages form one hosting account to another hosting account
  11. I would suggest you to use the pop3 to read your emails form your desktop or laptop.
  12. You should take the backup of emails regularly when you use POP3 to check your emails

You can ask me any questions on transferring emails form one hosting account to another. I will try to provide answers as fast as possible. If you don’t have time to do this job by yourself. I can do this online. Contact me to take my online web hosting or email services.

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