how to meditate at your home without any guidance

How to meditate at your home without any guidance is the major question now a days. You many not find time to go to a meditation center or to a calm place where you can sit for sometime to meditate. The Best way to stay focused within you to get the maximum benefit of meditation is to use the Ear Plugs. You may experience lot of distractions while performing meditation. Actually speaking, there is no need to perform any action when you want to experience the state of meditation. Nothing doing is required for becoming meditative human being. You don’t need to have any knowledge to do meditation. There is no need to take any guidance from anybody. You can sit in your home to do meditation without any guidance. The main reason for distractions while meditation is external sound. You must stop the external sound coming in. Your ears are the main source of hearing the external sound. You must block the sound coming in. So you can use the Ear Plugs to stop hearing any kind of external sound.

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When you stop hearing sound from external source, half of the work is done. Next, you may hear some sounds internally. You can hear your heartbeat, sounds from your stomach…etc. You do not try to hear anything, but automatically, you will hear something. So that, without any option your focus will go on to the sounds that are audible. Finally, you may hear the sound like aum. You can sit as long as you can to hear the sound aum. This is the powerful sound which you can hear. You can sit for 5-10min in the starting and can increase the time duration as much as you can able to sit for meditation.

What is the main benefit when you learn how to meditate?

The first and major benefit that you will get by learning how to meditate is that you will become more calm and pleasant. When you perform your day to day activities with more calm and pleasantness, results form your actions will be at its best levels. I mean, you can expect best results from your business, job or love towards your family, friends and of course you will do best within your society. You will become most important human being within society.

Second major benefit that you will get when you learn how to mediate is that you can avoid unnecessary anger on anyone, reduce arguments, avoid useless talk, get rid of lethargy, free form procrastination…etc

Third major benefit of learning how to meditate is that your capability of running your business, performing tasks at your job, helping your family members or friends will be enhanced.

I can write very big book to explain the benefits of learning how to mediate, but as this is an article to give brief idea about how to meditate, I am limiting the writeup on how to meditate here.

This is very simple technique to stay focused when you are learning how to meditate. You can follow the technique and get the maximum benefit of pleasantness to perform your day-to-day activities.

You can comment and share this post to teach on how to mediate. By sharing this post, you will get the satisfaction of helping others to encourage to do the meditation in their day-to-day life.

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