How to manage web hosting account and cpanel

Web hosting account is needed for designing and developing either static or dynamic website. Without having web space, you cannot even look your domain’s home page. You need to buy a web hosting account before to host your website.  

To buy or manage hosting account will become very simple after my online training. I will show you my live cpanel control panel and explain you most of the useful features available. I will also explain you how to buy a new domain name or use existing domain name to link with a hosting account. This knowledge will be helpful for you to have one like me in the future.

Following topics will be covered in this training

  1. How to log on to the hosting account and log off from it
  2. How to setting billing preferences
  3. How to manage domain name(s)
  4. How to access control panel (cPanel X)
  5. What is File Manager and how to use it
  6. What is sub domain and how to create one
  7. What is Add-on domain and how to create one
  8. What is Parked domain and how to park a domain name
  9. How to work with domain redirects
  10. How to create e-mail account
  11. How to access e-mail account using web mail or using any e-mail program from your computer
  12. How to create MySql database
  13. How to create MySql database user
  14. How to assign a user to a database
  15. What is PHPMyadmin and how to use it for managing databases
  16. How to create ftp account
  17. How to use the created ftp account
  18. What is ftp session control
  19. How to protect the web directories with password
  20. What is softaculous and how to use it for installing different open source web applications
  21. How to install wordpress, Joomla and Drupal
  22. How to take file and database backup
  23. How to change name servers of a domain name
  24. How to transfer domain name from one registrar to another
  25. How to buy new hosting account

You can get back to me for learning above topics. You can mention your details in the following form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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