How to install windows server 2003 enterprise edition as vmware virtual machine for installing sap ecc 6.0

How to install windows server 2003 enterprise edition as VMware virtual machine for installing sap ecc 6.0

Installing sap ecc 6.0 sr2 or sr3 on a laptop or desktop with licensed windows vista or 7 possible through a virtual machine concept. This will help you to install ecc 6.0 without removing your host operating system. You can work simultaneously on your host os and windows server with ecc for practicing your sap technical (ABAP or BASIS) or any functional (FI, CO, SD, MM, PP, HR, PM etc…). modules. The steps to install windows server 2003 enterprise edition in a VMware workstation are as follows…

  • Install VMware Workstation in your windows vista or widows 7 OS
  • Open VMware Workstation
  • Click on New Virtual Machine, Click Next in the “Welcome to New Virtual Machine Wizard”
  • Select Typical and click next
  • Select Microsoft Windows from Guest operating system option box and select windows server 2003 enterprise edition from drop down box and click next
  • Set the virtual machine name and location to store the machine infromation. Select the drive which is having more space. We should have minimum 320 GB for SAP ECC 6.0 IDES installation and click next in the “Name the virtual machine” screen
  • Click next in the “Network Type” Screen
  • Change the disk size as 320 GB and click finish in the “Specify Disk Capacity” screen
  • Virtual machine is ready to install windows server 2003 enterprise edition to install SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 on top of it
  • Change Memory to 2048MB from devices pane – Double click and change and click OK
  • Keep the windows server 2003 enterprise edition CD in drive
  • Click “Start this virtual machine” click no in the Floppy drive missing message
  • Os installation will be started automatically if the OS CD available in drive
  • Hit C in the partition screen to create partition of 20 GB to install OS in C: Drive
  • After creating C: partition hit enter to install the operating system. D: and E: drives can be created after completion of OS
  • Select the option “Format the partition using the NTFS file system (quick) and hit enter. Windows server 2003 enterprise edition installation continues….
  • Click next in the Regional and Language Options screen
  • Type the Name and Organization of your own choice and click next
  • Type the computer name as per your your sap installation procedure. This name is very important. We have to give solution manager key during the installation of sap ecc 6.0. This key will be generated in the solution manager using host name, SID and instance number of the sap system. Either you should have the solution manager installed in another computer or should have the combination of hostname, sid, instance number and solman key to get successful installation of sap ecc 6.0
  • Click next in the “Computer name and Administrator password” screen better set the password of your own
  • Change the Date and Time setting according to your location and click next
  • Installation continues….
  • Type the workgroup or domain name Ex: WORKGROUP” and click next
  • Copying files screen will appear and installation continues….
  • Registering settings…. and Saving settings….
  • Installation will be completed and restarted automatically comes to “Welcome to Windows” screen
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and enter into the OS screen by typing administrator and password
  • Click finish in the “Windows server post-setup security updates” screen
  • Click yes in the warning screen of “Windows server post-setup security updates” This screen will come when we click finish without updating security updates.
  • Close the Manage your server screen
  • Install VMware tools using VM menu in the VMware workstation and restart the os after completion of VMware tools installation
  • You can partition the Hard Disk now to create D: and E: Drive
  • Right click My Computer – Click Manage – Click Disk Management from the left pane. Right pane will be displayed with graphical representation of a hard disk
  • Change the drive letter of CD drive to F: Right click and change drive letter and paths – click change – select F: drive and click OK – Click Yes in the warning message
  • Now Right click the Unallocated space and click New partition – Click Next
  • Select the primary partition and click next
  • Select the partition size in MB of 250000 and click next
  • Assign the Drive letter of D: and click next This drive is for selecting the option to store oracle and sap files and folders
  • Select the Perform a quick format and click next
  • Click finish in the “Completing the New partition wizard
  • Do the same same steps to create E: drive This drive is to store the software dump
  • Installation of Windows server 2003 Enterprise Edition is completed and ready for installing and configuring OS dependencies of SAP installation
  • You can check my previous articles for installing and configuring OS dependencies of SAP installation

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  1. kiran patil

    Dear sir,
    I have installed ECC 6 VM ware on my laptop which has 500 gb hdd and 4 gb ram.
    I have done partion of 240 gb for ECC 6 VM ware as its size was 235 gb. But when i do practice free space shrinks every time. And now there is no free spce and drive is full as it is showing used space as 240 gb.
    Please guide me.

  2. Navin


    I have installed vmware8 however after installing it’s asking for password. I never set any password. Please help

    • Raj


      To Install any SAP software (ECC 6.0 or SRM 7.0 or SCM 7.0 or CRM 7.0) in VMware environment, You need to have a laptop which has VT(Virtualization Technology) enabled in its BIOS.

      After confirming that there is a VT option,

      1. 8GB RAM and 500GB HDD space is required to install ECC 6.0 EHP6 IDES.
      2. 8GB RAM and 200GB HDD space is required to install SCM 7.0 EHP1 IDES.
      3. 8GB RAM and 200GB HDD space is required to install CRM 7.0 EHP2 IDES.
      4. 8GB RAM and 200GB HDD space is required to install SRM 7.0 EHP1 IDES.
      5. If you want to install all of the above options in single laptop in different VMs, 20GB RAM and 1TB HDD is required.

      Please get back to me for more questions to get clarity on laptop configuration to install sap software for practice at home.

      Best regards
      Raj – SAP Basis trainer

  3. DAM


    I am accessing ecc6 from external har disk through vmware. But I wanna use it directly from my laptop without using wmware. How can use this(vmware installed ecc 6 and server 2003) to install in my laptop.

  4. ravi


    First of all many many thanks for creating such a wonderful site. It is very informative and helpful to understand all the sap basis concepts.

    Raj. I installed ecc6.0 on my system through vmware. I dnt have dump for this ecc now.I wanted to know is there any way I can take a copy of the ecc 6 installed on my system as backup and install d same on some other computer system.

    Please let me know the detailed procedure if any.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Raj

      Hi Ravi,

      If your ECC Installation is working fine in VMware. You can locate the file with the extension .vmdk, which you can usually find in documents/Virtual Machines folder, if you have selected typical installation while creating new virtual machine. This file is huge in size. Once you locate this file, just copy the file to your external drive. Once the file is copied to external drive, your ECC is safe in the external drive. That means you took the backup of ECC. You can copy this file to another computer where you want to run ECC. Once the .vmdk file is copied to another computer, After installation of VMware software, Create new virtual machine and select custom option this time and point the path to .vmdk file when it prompts for virtual disk. Once this configuration is done, you can switch on the virtual machine, You can proceed with the starting of ECC using SAP Management console which must be available as icon on your virtual machine desktop. Please get back to me if you need any more information. You can also opt for my remote support whenever you need.

      Raj – SAP Basis Trainer

  5. flyers


    I have Win7 as Host in C drive. VMware workstation is installed and in D drive have ECC 6.0.

    I want to connect to ECC directly from SAP Logon pad in Host OS (i.e Win7), there configurations were disturbed last week when my Win 7 OS got disturbed. before that i am using this 1year on wards.

    Can you please let me know, how to configure it now.


  6. Shruthi

    Hi raj,

    I have installed VM Ware IDES ECC 6.0. All customization is working perfectly. But, when i try to create programs, system is prompting for Access key. Could you please give me the same.

    Note : I have already installed and everything is working perfectly except new program creation through se38 (as it is asking for Access key)

    Thanks in advance….

    • Raj

      Hi Shruthi

      I am developing this website to help my blog readers to become successful sap consultants over the time. I am writing these articles in my own sentences without copying from some where. Please spend some time to write a article on which you know best on your own language. I will provide you the develiper key in your mail. Please provide the details about your SAP installation. So that i can provide developer key according to your inputs.



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