How to implement a email form widget to download a file

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I have developed a website Mindpower Reality using wordpress theme on march 6, 2011. He was asking me to keep some email form in the home page side widget to give option to his site visitors to download a e-book. Today morning i have searched lot of plugin to implement the same. After long research of 2 hours i got one plugin which is exactly as the way my customer asked me. I have implemented in his site immediately. You can visit the Mindpower reality site and check by downloading a file.

The plugin which i have used is WP Email Capture. This plugin is very simple and easy to use in any wordpress site. This plugin will have two form fields, Name and the Email. Visitor has to fill the form and submit to download the file. The file can be attached to this form from admin settings of WP Email Capture link. This link can be located very easily from wordpress settings tab. Following are the step-by-step procedure to implement this plugin.

  • Login to your admin panel of your wordpress based website
  • Click ‘Add New’ link which is located under Plugins tab
  • Type keyword ‘WP Email Capture’ in the search box
  • Click on ‘Install Now’ link at WP email capture plugin
  • The Plugin will be installed and give you the option to activate it
  • Activate the plugin
  • WP Email Capture link will be available under Settings Tab of WordPress Admin panel
  • ‘Click New’ under Media Tab of WordPress Admin panel
  • Upload the file which you want to give permission to download upon entering their email and submit the form
  • Copy the link which will be available after uploading file
  • Click ‘WP Email Capture’ from Settings tab of WordPress Admin panel
  • Enter the copied link in the ‘Page to redirect to on sign up’ and ‘Page to redirect to on confirmation of email address’ text boxes
  • Fill other text boxes ‘From Which Email Address’ , ‘Subject of Email’ , and ‘Body of Email’ as per your requirement and save changes
  • Click ‘Widgets’ under Appearance tab of WordPress Admin panel
  • Drag and drop the WP Email Capture widget in the Sidebar
  • Enter the ‘Widget title’ and ‘Widget text’ which desibes your download file

Some of the features of this plugin are as follows…

  • This plugin is Widget Ready
  • you can distribute software/ebooks etc. easily with separate landing pages for completion of the form
  • This plugin uses the WordPres’s internal wp_mail function for sending a mail
  • This plugin can be easily integrated with the posts & pages
  • You can find the dashboard link for setting options.
  • You can export the data into CSV files which is compatible with most major Email marketing programmes (including Aweber, Mailchimp, Groupmail, Constant Contact)
  • Double opt in, so compatible with CAN-SPAM act
  • It is completely free plugin
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  1. TW

    I have just downloaded and installed this widget and have it set up to redirect the user to a download page once the have filled in the form.
    I want to use the email list to notify the subscriber when new downloads are available.
    However in testing, once the user has registered email the first time
    how do they access the download page once new downloads are available?
    I have the download page not viewable until email address is registered.
    If a user fills the name and email form in and submits it a second time, it sends them to the home page saying they are already on file.
    Is there a way they can re-access the download page at a different time even though they have already registered their email?


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