How to get success in your life by applying a good strategy?

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How to get success in your life by applying a good strategy? will be discusses in this article. How to get success in your life is very big question for you? isn’t it? Yes, Of course everyone in this world asks this question to themselves always. For example, 2 billion company owner thinks to make 5 billion, School topper thinks about to become state topper and Poor people thinks about their daily need. ¬†Achieving all these things will be considered themselves as success. Don’t you agree? General answer to this question is ‘Yes’. Everybody’s intention is to expand their success even more. That means, they are already in the success in what they are doing right now. Because they are able to perform something already.

You (Human being) are already success when you born. You are the winner among millions of sukra kanans(Commonly used in the Telugu language). You should have this great feeling always, as you are already successful. You just need to focus to get very small successes like earning money, joining in a good job, getting good marks in exams, keeping yourself healthy, being joyful, respect within the society…and many more like this. You should consider all these successes are very small when you compare with the success that you got already when you born.

One more great example is that, The biggest success is that, you are able to breath on your own. Are you depending on some body to perform the action of breathing? This is the ultimate function that you are performing with out other’s involvement. When you are able to perform ultimate function, You can very easily perform other functions which are required to get small successes like making money, property, respect, health…etc. Don’t you agree? You should agree and proceed towards achieving things in your life. Having the feeling of ultimate performer and progress towards your work. You will win in your field of subject or business.

Now, I will discuss about how to get success in your life.

First, You should put very big goal in your field or subject. This goal should be very very big, such a way that, you have not even think in your dreams earlier. Then, you should estimate the work that you have to perform to achieve that big goal. You should also keep some reasonable time frame to reach the target of goal. Now, you should divide the total work by time(No. of days) that you have estimated. Now, You know, how much work to be performed each day. You should complete today’s work today only. You should not post phone the work that you have to do today. If you follow this strategy, you will get success for very sure. Don’t you agree? Follow this strategy and tell me whether you are able to progress towards success or not. You should become habitual in performing today’s work today only. Keep this formula in your mind and proceed further.

Finally, You have the authority to perform the work, not the result. Result is not in your hand. So that, instead of thinking about result which is not in your hand, think about work to be performed today, which is in your hand. You should always think about certain things.

I hope this article is very useful for to become successful in small things like earning money, getting job, getting married…etc . You can leave your comments on this article.

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