How to create and test mass users in SAP System?

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We can create more than one user at a time in SAP system. We will face this type of  situation when we go for implementation of different SAP systems at large enterprises. The passwords of the user names will be generated by SAP system automatically. These passwords can be accessed and stored into a text, excel or html file. I will show you all of these tasks in the following steps.

  • Login to the SAP system using with the users which has authorization to create mass users.
  • Tools – Administration – User Maintenance – User Mass Maintenance or SU10
  • User Maintenance: Mass Changes Initial Screen will be displayed
  • Type the users in the User column and click create button or use F8 of keyboard
  • Select the User Type as Dialog and click Save button or Ctrl+S
  • Click Yes in the “Changes will affect a large number of users” information box
  • We will get the screen of “Log Display”
  • Double click on the Log, We will get the details about created users and passwords in the bottom pane
  • Click Export button and click local file
  • Select the html format and click continue. We can also select any type of format
  • Show the path to store the file and type the name of the file and click save button
  • Log off the SAP system and locate the generated file in selected path while saving
  • Open the file and use each user to login to SAP system using generated password. We have to change the password of each user at first logon
  • All of these users are created without any authorizations
  • We need to attach these users to roles according to the instructions given by our managers

Practice makes man perfect. Try to create 100 users like this and change the password by logging into each user. I have done this experiment. So i am perfect in creating single and mass users in SAP system. It is very easy job but needs practice for doing things faster. All the best and enjoy learning.

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