How to create a user in sap system?

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The user in sap system is different from operating system user. We can not login to sap system using the user created OS level. We have to create a user in sap system separately to login to SAP system. First time we can login to SAP system using default sap users which are built in the SAP system. They are sap* and ddic. There is also client concept in SAP system. There are 3 default clients in the SAP system. I will explain about these clients in my later articles. Now i am using 000 default client to create a sap user. The steps are as follows

  • We can use either menu navigation or t-code to access the screen to create a user
  • From SAP Easy Access menu, expand “Tools – Administration – User Maintenance” and Double click Users
  • (or) Type ‘SU01’ Transaction code in the command box and hit enter
  • “User Maintenance: Initial screen” will be displayed
  • Type the user name which we want to create and click create button. We can also hit F8 on keyboard to create user
  • “Maintain user” screen will be displayed
  • Select the user name and paste it in the Last Name box
  • Click on Logon data tab
  • Type the Initial and Repeat password
  • Click on profiles Tab, Type SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profiles in the Assigned Authorization profiles box
  • Click Save Button which is located on top of the screen (Floppy Symbol) or we can Save by clicking Ctrl+S
  • User will be saved
  • We can logout from SAP system using System – Log off or Shift+F3 (2 Times) Click Yes in the “Unsaved data will be lost. Do you want to log off” message box
  • Open SAP Logon pad and click logon button
  • Type the client, user and password – Hit enter
  • Change the password of the user for first time

In this way we can create any number of users in SAP system. All the users are client specific. That is in our case all the users are related to 000 client.

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