How to create a single role in ecc 6.0 using t-codes (steps listed)

Role in SAP system is the concept of generating a profile with the set of  permissions to the system and attaching it to a user. Following below steps, the creation of role is very easy in SAP (ECC) system. 

  • Hit the t-code PFCG orpfcg (T-Codes may in either case)
  • Name the role as Z:RAJ_BC_USER_ADMINISTRATION (I am following this naming convention for my practice. You can follow your own naming convention) – BC – Basis Component
  • Click Role
  • Write the Role Description as User Administration
  • Click SAVE button or ctrl+s to save the role
  • As soon as we click save button User name, date and time will be displayed in Administration Information in the same window. This will be useful to know about the creator of the role in feature
  • In Real-time we have to write long text for future reference. I am writing as “ARASHED(My Manager) RAJ(Myself) 15.09.2010 Created a single role with the t-codes su53, su01, su10” Click Save
  • We can see Menu, Authorization and User Tabs shows Red bulb instead of green, We can also see these tabs convert into green as we proceed further in this process
  • Click Menu – Click Transaction – Enter the T-Codes – Click Assign Transactions
  • Now the list is displayed in the Role Menu Box – We can swich on technical names by clicking on + Button to see the T-Codes at left side of t-code descriptions
  • Also notice that the menu bulb turns into green – click save
  • Click Authorizations – We have to name the profile in this tab and also will give access or restrict all authorizations in this box
  • Click on propose profile names button and change the profile text as per your convenient name
  • Click Save and click Change Authorization Data Button – Change role Authorizations screen will be displayed
  • All the Classes related to t-codes we selected in the Menu Tab will be displayed
  • Click Utilities and Technical names on to display the technical names of all Classes, Objects, Authorizations and Authorization Fields
  • To do this experiment, Just click on Missing Values Traffic Lights and Click Execute – Traffic Lights will turn into green
  • Click SAVE (ctrl+s) Click Generate (Shift+F5) to generate the profile. Profile(s) created will be displayed in the bottom status bar and status will be turned into generated from saved on top
  • Click Back Button – Now the Authorization Tab also turns into green. Now the profile is generated and ready for attaching this to a user
  • Click the User Tab and Type the existing user (Create a fresh user by opening new session to avoid conflict with other roles attached to a existing user to test this experiment)
  • Click User comparison to compare User master record and click Complete comparison – This action user master record will be updated with the latest authorizations from this role we created – click save
  • Now the User tab also turns into green
  • A single role is created and attached to a user
  • You can test the user menu as per the t-codes we have given by logging into the system attached user

In this we can create single roles and attach to users with different transaction to become familiar in creating roles using t-codes. I have created almost 100 roles in this manner to become expert in creating single roles. We can enhance our experience by creating roles more number of times. I hope you also do this experiment as many number of times. You also welcome to ask any questions regarding this article. Please help me by writing comments on this article to refine the subject.

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