How to copy option values from a online dropdown select box

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We may have some situations where we want to copy the list of option values from a dropdown select element which may be located in some website form. For example, If we  want to collect the area list from a major existing real estate online portal, following steps can be followed.

The steps are…

We have to install Mozilla Firefox, Firebug, Dreamweaver and Excel to make these steps successful

  • Register and Login to any online real estate portal
  • Advertise any dummy/real property
  • You will find lot of fields to fill up
  • Right click on right edge of any dropdown list/menu item and Click ‘Inspect Element’
  • Firebug will be opened as horizontal two column box at down of the browser
  • Select all the menu options, right click and click copy
  • Create new html page in Dreamweaver and switch to code view
  • Select all the content of html page and paste the copied option values
  • Option values will be pasted along with html tags
  • Use find and replace option in Dreamweaver (Ctrl + F) to replace ‘option’ with ‘li’
  • Switch to design mode in Dreamweaver, we will have the total list in single column
  • Copy entire list values and paste them in a column of Excel sheet
  • Select the column, remove duplicates by clicking ‘Remove Duplicates’ from data tools group (Excel 2007)
  • We have the unique values list in a single column
  • This list can be used to insert into any database using different methods for different databases.
  • I use online PHPMyAdmin to import .CSV file by saving the list as .CSV (Comma Delimited)
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