How to change HTTP port to 8000 in an SAP system

How to change HTTP port to 8000 in an SAP system is demonstrated in this article. Latest SAP systems are installed with HTTP port as 0 for security reason of not to allow any inbound connections by default. You have to change HTTP port to 8000 to be able to allow inbound connections. In the direction of request of my blog readers and students, I am writing this article to help many people like you who wants to change HTTP port to 8000 in your SAP system. You can carefully follow the below procedure to change the HTTP port to 8000 successfully.

Step-by-step procedure to change the HTTP port in an SAP system

  • You have to check the current port number using SMICM t-code
  • Enter SMICM in command field of SAP easy access and hit enter
  • Click on Go to in the menubar and then click on services
  • You can check the HTTP port from the resulting screen
  • By default HTTP port number is 0
  • You have to change this HTTP port to 8000
  • Now, come back to SAP Easy access screen by entering /n in the command field and hit enter
  • Enter RZ10 t-code in the command filed of SAP Easy access screen
  • Select the Instance profile in the screen that displays. If you are using RZ10 t-code first time and the profiles not yet imported, you can import active server profiles from the menu bar ‘Utilities – Import profiles – Of active servers’
  • After selecting the Instance profile in the initial screen of Edit profiles, Selected Extended maintenance and then click on change
  • Click on Parameter button from the Application toolbar
  • Enter icm/server_port_0 in the text field of the screen that displays
  • Hit enter and click on the Yes in the dialog box ‘The parameter is not known, Do you still want to copy it?’
  • Enter PROT=HTTP, PORT=8000, TIMEOUT=120, PROCTIMEOUT=600¬†in the parameter val text field
  • Click on the Copy button in the Application toolbar and click Go back button in the standard toolbar
  • Click on Copy button from the Application toolbar in the screen that displays list of parameters and their values
  • Click Go back from the standard toolbar
  • Click SAVE button in the standard toolbar
  • Click No in the ‘Incorrect parameter values detected. Display values?
  • Click Yes in the ‘Do you want to activate the profile?’
  • Click Continue in the resulting information box
  • Click Continue in the Caution message box
  • Now Log off from the SAP system from menu bar System – Log off
  • Stop the SAP system from SAP MMC (Mincrosoft Management Console) and then Start once it is stopped completely. You can start SAP system using the same SAP MMC. Wait until the color turns to green
  • Log on to the SAP system
  • Enter SMICM t-code and hit enter
  • Click Go to and then click Services from the menu bar
  • Now, You can view the changed you did for HTTP port i.e 8000

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