How to become slim by doing simple yoga at home

I am a guy with full enthusiasm and eager to learn and practice any thing which is possible by a human body. I behaves like a normal guy with my friends, colleagues like you people. But i am having something in my mind to do something useful to the world. I am thinking a lot about it every day even in bathroom. I am basically a telugu medium student up to my primary education. I have completed my diploma in electronics with specialization in communication engineering. So i am afraid to speak or write English because of my education was Telugu medium. I realized that good English communication is required to communicate some thing to the world. So that i am practicing English by reading and writing good articles.

To work and convey, we should be perfect in all angles like good health and knowledge. So that physical appearance also helps us to keep some body listens to us. So that i decided to shape my body in good way such way that people should read my articles about wellness and knowledge. I am basically a asthma patient from last 3 years. Now i am perfectly alright most of the time except some rare cases like fast climbing more steps in single go or fast running needs to have asthalin inhaler.

First thing required to become slim is that one should have strong determination about good shape of  body. We should understand the advantages by having good health and shape of body. This is very first thing required to a human being than money. So that we should have strong commitment to do simple yoga at home every day.

The two yoga asanas are more important to reduce belly fat. They are called as Kapalabati and naukasana. I am preparing my own videos of these Exercises. I will upload here once those prepared. Until then i selected following videos from youtube and posted here. Enjoy by doing both the asanas.

  1. Kapalabati

  1. Nukasanam

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