How to advertise your product or service with google adwords? Is it a best way?

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Adwords is a one of the Google’s advertising program. We can use this program to advertise our product or service online. Google offers pay per click and pay per 1000 impressions through adwords account. Let me explain about pay per click and pay per 1000 impressions first to go further into the details.

Pay per click: Customer, I mean to say the advertiser will be charged when there is a click on his advertisement. Let me explain about how the clicks will come. As all of we know about Google is a search engine. Internet users (visitors) will browse to search something of their interest.  For example if I search for how to earn money online by typing a key word or sentence “how to earn money online” in search box. After clicking search button we get many results related to the key word will be displayed in the form of multiple pages. First page contains 10 websites listed as per their ranking on internet for this key word. You also can see some formatted text advertisements on right hand side in the first page itself. These are paid ads by advertisers. Advertiser will be charged by Google if there is a click on these ads. That is way this program is called pay per click program. These ads will be shown in the first page according to the bid placed by advertisers. Highest bid advertisement will come first and lowest bid advertisement will come last. This bid will be depended on the key word or sentence selected.

Customer will pay for per 1000 impressions instead of per click base. Customer or advertisers will be charged once the ad shown 1000 times. Getting clicks is head ache of the advertiser. You have to pay even there no clicks out of 1000 impressions of your ad in this mode of advertising. This amount also can be adjusted according to the priority base. The more bid you put more chances of getting your ad in the first position in first page of Google search engine.

I think you understand about two modes of advertising with Google adwords. No we will discuss about how to book advertisement with google. I will explain about the program briefly here. You can understand easily once the adword account is created. You have to create a adwords account. It will be very easy to create adwords account if you have already a Gmail account. After logging into adwords account you have to select the location of your place. After selecting this you need to select the billing options. All the options here are self explanatory. Read carefully to understand the system better way. Don’t be hurry in booking advertisement. You may lose your money for wrong settings. After setting up the billing options you can create ads of your products or services instantly.

You have to create an ad campaign to start advertising with google adwords. There can be any number of campaigns you can create. You can set the daily budget and targeting in the campaign level. You have to create ad groups as per your advertising products or services. You can create 2 or more ad groups if you are advertising 2 or more types of products or services. Whatever daily budget you selected in this campaign will be applicable to all ad groups. While creating ad group you can also create ad for your product or service. You also can select keywords based on your ad while creating ad group. You can also add keywords later after creation ad group. You can create any number of ads under single ad group with different keywords. You will become familiar with the program once you start giving advertisements. You can take my help to create advertisements.

After completion of everything your ad will be reviewed by Google staff and open for impressions in their search engine and their partner networks. You can see the all the reports clearly as and when required. So this is very simple program to give advertisements online.

This program is just like yahoo search marketing program which is running and maintaining by yahoo.

But In my case I prefer to get visitors to my website at free of cost. I just question myself that “Why I am paying to Google or Yahoo?” Answer is clicks. These clicks we get even from organic search once the site is search engine optimized. Getting our site in search results first page of search engine is called search engine optimization. Getting clicks from these links is called organic clicks. We get this type of clicks once our site is well ranked for specific search term. So I trust in search engine optimized website.

My blog is search engine optimized because my site is getting 75 – 100 organic clicks from different search engines. You also can have site like me. I will make the site like me for you with your selected domain name is just for 10000 INR or $249. I will provide free unlimited web space, free email accounts, free site designing…etc. Free domain name with this package. I will prepare your search engine optimized website or blog in maximum 3 working days.

Ask me any more questions regarding this article without any hesitation. I am here to clear all of your queries regarding online advertising and online blogging.

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