How the SAP Service Market Place ( helps a basis administrator / consultant

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SAP Basis administrator or basis consultants will use SAP service market place to perform following functions. We should have S#, S Number, suser or OSS (Online Service Support ID) to access SAP service market place. Only the customer who have purchased SAP software will have the access to the SAP service market place.

1. SAP Software downloads: Softwares can be downloaded from the link

2. To request licenses: License can be requested from the link

3. To download patches: The patches or Support Package Stacks can be downloaded from the link

4. To search and download SAP notes: SAP notes can be searched from the link

5. To get developer and object keys: To register developer or object keys, we should follow the link

6. To write a message to SAP to get support from SAP experts for the problems which are not able to solved by SAP basis administrator or consultant – To send message to SAP we have to use the link

7. To download Installation guides – Installation guides are very important to implement SAP system in good manner. The installation guides can be accessed from the link

SAP ERP 6.0 Support package information

Support package stacks are the software programs which will give more functionality to the existing SAP system. SAP releases these supports stacks regularly. We can apply these patches or support package stacks using either of the following methods.

1. Selecting SAP Menu – Utilities – Maintenance – Support Package Manager

2. Using T-Code SPAM.

Following are the some of the Support Package Stack releases and its release dates

ISS – Initial Shipment Stack

SP – Support Package

SPS – Support Package Stack

SPS 01 – Support Package Stack – October 2005

SPS 02 – Support Package Stack – December 2005

SPS 03 – Support Package Stack – February 2006

SPS 04 – Support Package Stack – April 2006

SPS 05 – Support Package Stack – June 2006

SPS 06 – Support Package Stack – September 2006

SPS 07 – Support Package Stack – December 2006

SPS 15 – Support Package Stack – February 2009

SPS 16 – Support Package Stack – August 2009

SPS 17 – Support Package Stack – March 2010

SPS 18 – Support Package Stack – September 2010

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