How the sap basis knowledge made me an international sap basis trainer?

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I am exited to share the information on how the sap basis knowledge made me an international sap basis trainer?

I have shared with you the technicalities of my emotional upsurge that took me to this path and then created a bombardment in the sap  basis training filed.

My professional journeys started when I joined in a small company as a computer service engineer. In this job, I used to solve computer problems at different customer locations. As I took a little time to introspect the time and the money that I was taking home it was a very unpleasant  ratio. I noticed that I was spending more than 15 hours on field and making very limited money. It is in this moment that I decided to shift for an up-gradation.

Slowly, I have learned computer networking and started attending network problems in the same company. With the knowledge in computer hardware and networking, I have applied for a job in a national level company. I got job as a computer network engineer. I got lot of chances to learn network administration. I have learned complete network administration in my second company. With this knowledge, I decided to leave the job and start my own business. Immediately, I have implemented this thought and started my own institute to teach 2 courses. The courses are 1. Hardware & networking 2. MCSE. I have also started services like computer servicing, buying and selling old computers, software installations at different customer places. I used to send my students to solve the problems at my customer premises. I used to guide them over phone for giving solutions to the problems.

One day, one customer called me and asked me to install sap software. I never heard about sap until then. He asked me my service charges. Not knowing what to quoted 5 times more than the charges what I used to charge for other computer problems or software installations just to avoid that customer.  But to my utter amazement He said OK to the price which I quoted and asked me to install as soon as possible. Now my condition was like a Person who was hanging between money and lack of knowledge.

I also had one more issue that day to go ahead with the service as I had enrolled for a personal enhancement session.
I went ahead and attended the session by a very well known international session on peak performance.
I took a valid point here and applied it and then my life was never the same again. You can mail me in person to know what I have learnt in my life that created a remarkable shift.

I came out as a new person after attending the peak performance session by my mentor.

As my learning abilities enhanced I was in a better position to learn the sap basis administration  faster. The rest of the journey is a history.

I became more and more interested  to deliver quality sap basis training and train the people in sap bias training. I started thinking about sap basis training more and more and this resulted in me creating very easy to learn Sap basis video tutorial.

I have taken an initiative to give more information about sap basis training and create d a website  in that direction. I am happy as this website continues to bring more and more awareness and bring a life changing carrier impact in many peoples life across 5 continents.

As the popularity of my website stated increasing I started getting more and more enquiries from various parts of the world they wanted me to give training to them.

Now a days I am conducting sap basis training session online on ever 2 week of the month.

I agreed and trained many people who are located across different counties like USA, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, India, Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Spain, France, Botswana, Nigeria, Greece, Turkey, Kuwait, Russia, Uganda.

This has almost become like a movement and I am happy to see the transformation that people are making by attending my training and also a video access to well-being by my mentor.

As the interactions began many students felt the need to have a tool that they can refer any number of times. In this direction I created a video course for many people around the world to save time and gain more clarity and learn the subject faster and become industry ready. The fulfillment of this commitment is what you can see here in this channel called .

I have given free access to watch some of the important demo videos on sap basis administration. I have also created private video list with which any one can learn complete sap basis administration from their convenient place and at their convenient time.

I am providing this private channel access to my students at free of cost. I am offering life time access for single payment for limited people and limited time. People who wants to learn without attending live training can subscribe to my channel and learn. Private subscribers can also ask their questions through email.

Many people have received answers from me within 24 hours and have been highly satisfied with my service.

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