How much we can earn through adsense? Reports revealed.

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I have designed a search engine optimized website for one of my customer. He has been writing three articles every day on his own and posting in his site since inception. Articles which are crawling by major search engines like Google and Yahoo as soon as he posts in his site. He used to write original articles. Original article means that the article will be written by him without copying from some other article. He used to write using his own english.

Now he is earning approximately $5 USD every day. His website is getting approximately 4000 Page impressions everyday and it is increase at the rate of 60% every month. He is earning regular secondary income every month. I am attaching some of the adsense reports here for my readers reference.

Please contact me for further details about money making website. I will prepare a site for you and deliver in 2 working days. You can start writing articles in your site. Your articles will be crawled by major search engines. I will charge nominal amount to design this type of website including maintenance.

I have downloaded reports from google adsense and made some calculations to show the groth of income generated throug this website. I also calculated future estimated income may come from this website if the growth maintains as previous months. These are only for estimation purpose only. Please contact me for any further clarification before paying for website designing.

Actual Earning Reports Page impressions Clicks Page CTR Page eCPM Earnings in USD % Growth
31-Jan-10 30888 112 0.1126 19.36 18.73
28-Feb-10 28653 137 0.1354 26.08 26.11 39.4020288
31-Mar-10 43,866 224 15.88% 31.72 43.71 67.4071237
30-Apr-10 69,291 389 16.94% 27.86 64.32 47.1516815
31-May-10 127,331 1084 25.78% 29.86 120.42 87.2201493
Average % of 4 months 60.2952458
Estimations of future earnings based on above analysis
30-Jun-10 192.672
30-Jul-10 308.2752
30-Aug-10 493.24032
30-Sep-10 789.184512
30-Oct-10 1262.695219
30-Nov-10 2020.312351
30-Dec-10 3232.499761
30-Jan-11 5171.999618
28-Feb-11 8275.199389
30-Mar-11 13240.31902
30-Apr-11 21184.51043
30-May-11 33895.2167
30-Jun-11 54232.34671
30-Jul-11 86771.75474
30-Aug-11 138834.8076
30-Sep-11 222135.6921
30-Oct-11 355417.1074
30-Nov-11 568667.3719
30-Dec-11 909867.795
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  1. venkat

    Hi Raj

    This is venkat can you share what are the tools you are using to increase organic traffic…

    Please do the need full….

    • Raj


      What is your blog address. Normally I charge 10000 INR for making a dynamic search engine optimized website. You have to feed the content regularly to earn money from your blog. My seo tools will act on your content to get more traffic to your website.

      Where are you located? Contact me on my mail id for more details.



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