How do you integrate remote SAP system for central monitoring?

Here I will use my experience and help you understand how you should integrate multiple SAP systems that you want to monitor from your central monitoring SAP system. After reading this article thoroughly, I am sure , you can integrate any SAP system which has built-in CCMS alert monitoring infrastructure for central monitoring. If the CCMS alert monitoring infrastructure is not built-in the remote system that is to be monitored, you should use CCMS agent programs (SAPCM3X) for SAP R/3 3.x systems and (SAPCCMSR) for non-SAP systems. The CCMS alert monitoring infrastructure is by default built-in an SAP system since SAP Basis 4.0┬áLet’s begin by understanding what is central monitoring.

What is central monitoring?

Central monitoring is a concept of monitoring performance of one SAP system from central monitoring system which is also another SAP system. SAP solution manager is the best SAP system for central monitoring.

You should have two different SAP systems to perform this experiment. I am using SAP Netweaver 7.0 EHP1 systems for performing this experiment in VMware environment. You can also use the similar kind of environment to integrate remote SAP system for central monitoring. I am using DEV as central monitoring system and QAS as remote system that has to be monitored centrally. Your central monitoring SAP system should have two RFC connections to remote system. First RFC connection is used to read the monitoring data from the remote SAP system. Second RFC connection will be used to start analysis in the remote SAP system. RFC connections will be created automatically, if your central monitoring system is SAP Netweaver 7.0 or above. Otherwise, You have to create these RFC connections manually for data read and to start analysis methods.

In my case, The following 2 RFC connections that are created automatically after integrating remote SAP system QAS in my central monitoring system DEV are as follows…


You should first create an user account called CSMREG in both the central monitoring system and as well as in the remote SAP system before proceeding with creating remote monitoring entry using RZ21 t-code.

You can follow the step-by-step procedure given below to perform the task of configuring central monitoring in an SAP system.

Step-by-step procedure for integrating remote sap system for central monitoring:

  1. Log on to the remote system. in my case, QAS system, client 000
  2. Enter RZ21 t-code in an SAP Easy access screen
  3. In the initial screen ‘Monitoring: Properties and Methods’ select ‘Technical infrastructure – Configure central system – Create CSMREG user’
  4. Enter the desired password and repeat it in the respective text fields and hit enter
  5. CSMREG user will be created in the remote SAP system
  6. Log on to Central system (DEV) to client 000
  7. Repeat the same step of creating CMSREG user in the DEV system (Central system) as you did in QAS system
  8. Once CSMREG user is created in central monitoring system DEV
  9. Again enter RZ21 t-code if you are at SAP Easy access screen
  10. In the initial screen ‘Monitoring: Properties and Methods’ select ‘Technical infrastructure – Configure central system – Create remote monitoring entry’
  11. Select the component type to be monitored in the screen that displays
  12. You can choose ABAP only, if your remote system type is only AS ABAP
  13. As soon as you choose ABAP, it will ask you to enter more details in the following screen. Enter the details about remote system and password of CSMREG user of both central and remote system and click on SAVE button in the standard toolbar
  14. Now you can check for the RFC connections that have been created by now. You can check using SM59 t-code in the central system
  15. If you are able to see 2 RFC connections as stated above, you can consider that you have successfully integrated remote system for central monitoring in an central SAP system

integrate remote system for central monitoring

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