How computer networks helps people

Computer networking is helpful to people in many ways. some of the following points are listed and discussed here to tell my blog readers about the importance of the computer networks in common people’s day-to-day life.  They are….

  • Access to remote information
  • Person-to-person communication
  • Interactive entertainment

Access to remote information will come in many forms. One area in which it is already happening is access to financial institutions. We can pay our utility bills online, can manage our bank accounts, handle our investments electronically, transfer funds online,  buying and selling shares online and booking reservations online. Newspapers are  going online and can be personalized as per our requirement.  We can tell the newspaper that we want everything about corrupt politicians, big fires, scandals involving celebrities, and epidemics, but no foot ball, Thank you. The content of the news will be delivered to our desk as per our interests at night while we sleep every day, the news paper will be downloaded to our computer disk or can be printed on our laser printer. The next step beyond news papers, magazines and scientific journals is the online digital library. We are getting all the news papers content, magazines and scientific journals are available digitally online. Depending on the cost, size and weight of book sized notebook computers, printed books may become obsolete. Another application that falls in this category is access to information systems like the current world wide web, which contains information about the arts, business, cooking, government, health, history, hobbies, recreation, science, sports, travel, and too many other topics.

The second broad category of network use will be person-to-person interactions. Electronic mail or email is widely used by millions of people and it contains also audio and video as well as text. Real time email will allow remote users to communicate with no delay, possible seeing and hearing each other as well. This technology makes it possible to have virtual meetings, called video conference, among far-flung people.

Our third category is entertainment, which is, a huge and growing industry, is video on demand. It is possible to select any movie or television program ever made, in any country, and have it displayed on our screen instantly. New films became interactive, where the user is occasionally prompted for the story direction with alternative scenarios  provided for all cases. Live television also became interactive, with the audience participating in quiz shows, choosing among contestants, and so on.  We can access and play many new and old movies online without downloading video to our disk from the websites like We can also directly view any live TV using some of the websites like

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