How a husband got arrested due to non-appreciation by his wife

One day, one of my clients called over phone to attend my session on ‘Thought Management System’. I asked him to come to a good place in my city (Hyderabad) to discuss about the problem. He came and explained the situation happened at home due to which he got arrested on the same day.

Appreciate like a father Love like a mother
Appreciate like a father
Love like a mother
Share knowledge like a teacher

They were newly married and about 1 year is passed. They have to celebrate their first anniversary at their home. They planned to arrange a good party at home in the evening. He woke up in the morning wished her wife as ‘Happy marriage anniversary and he received same message form his wife. He got ready to go office as he has some important assignments to complete. He had breakfast and took the lunch box and left home. He said that he will come from office by evening 6 O’Clock. They have invited all the friends, colleagues and relatives to the party. His wife asked him to come early while he was starting his car. He said OK with a good smile. As usual, he has completed all of his office assignments by afternoon and had lunch.

He got a phone call at around 3 O’Clock. The call is from one of his clients who is supposed to sign an agreement. The order was a worth profit of his entire 5 years usual income. Without further delay, he left the office and reached his client’s place in an hour. They had complete further discussion about the time period to complete the project, Etc… He had been waiting for this project for a long time. He said several times about this project at home also. The client finally agreed and paid 50% advance and signed the agreement.

Innocent wife had called him several times since 7 O’Clock. His phone was ringing, but no answer. She is tensed as it is getting late to receive the guests. They are supposed to make further arrangements, such as cake cutting and serving food…Etc. She called all the contact numbers that she knows. When she called office receptionist, She had been informed as he went out at 3 O’Clock only.

Actually, he forgot his phone at his office as he is in a rush to meet his precious client. Also, he forgot about the party which they were planned for the night. When looked at the time in his watch after he came out of the client’s office, it was 10 O’clock in the night. He realised that he forgot his phone at his office. He rushed back to home and reached within 1 hour.

As he entered into his home, there was a big scream as his wife was weeping along with her mother. He tried to control his wife by informing about the order which he got. Also, he added that the profit which got from the project is huge and it will be sufficient for next 5 years Etc… She has not stopped and started arguing with him. It turned into a big fight. With lots of frustration, he came out of home and drove rashly onto the road and hit a man. Police came and took him into custody. He was in the police station whole night and the next day, they submitted him into court. By gods grace he got bail on the same day. He came back to home and he has observed that his wife became normal after hearing the news about husband’s arrest.

He came to ask my suggestion on how to handle such type of situations. I understood the matter completely after hearing about the incident that happened in his life. I have told him that, these kind of situations will happen many times in every bodies life. But, in your case, it became little more serious. Many people are escaping from the accidental situations because of god’s grace. As we are reaching home or office safely means, we are missing many accidents. In the same way, within home also, we are missing many arguments by talking politely or taking some situations as silly.

It’s all a mind game. All these kind of problems can be completely avoided just by changing your thought. I have done a session on ‘Thought Management System’ and asked him to practice daily. He said that he will follow. He returned back to meet me in about 3 months and told that your techniques worked and now we were living very happily. I felt very happy after hearing positive feedback from him.

Anyways, my introspection after hearing above incident, 1000’s of problems arises just because of unconscious thought pattern within your mind. You forgot many thoughts which are very useful and you may remember many thoughts which are useless. You should know how to distinguish between which is good and which is bad. All the situations can be taken into your control by changing thoughts consciously. I mean, with more awareness, any situation can be handled easily. To make this into practice, you should apply certain processes (techniques) within.

Once you become a master of applying the process on the spot, you can take decisions with more clarity without further conflicts. This kind of thought process will reduce the effect of many arguments. When there is no intensity over talk, nothing big will happen.

Also, I am adding the following paragraphs about not appreciating the achievements may lead to disastrous situations like above.

If you want to be appreciated by your near ones like friends, colleagues and relatives about your achievement from deep in their heart, first you should know how to appreciate your near one’s achievements or any good deeds that they have done in their life.

Appreciate like a father
Love like a mother
Share knowledge like a teacher

When you appreciate anyone, you should not have anything different thought in the back of your mind. Then only the appreciation carries value. Otherwise it will work in a different direction in your body and which leads to emotional imbalance within. Such kind of emotional imbalance cause chemical turbulence within your body. Because of the turbulence leads to unknown physical illness. Is it necessary to create such problems? Knowingly or unknowingly we appreciate about the performance of film actors, politicians with the whole heart.

Why can’t we show the same kind of mood and feel in case of near ones? Question yourself and analyse the answers within and tune your mind to produce better sentences while appreciating anyone. It will give better health and happiness for both the persons involved. By having this type of mindset, you will look like a better personality within any size of group. This kind of personality is 1000 times better than the body covered by most expensive luxury items. Please remember that I am not opposed to have luxury, but attitude matters most.

Particularly when you socialise with your frowned or relatives, better avoid consuming alcohol intake as it will not allow you to control. It may lead to arguments and so big fighting. It’s always to remember that you should be a boss of your mind not a subordinate to your mind.

Take the necessary steps to tune your mind to lead better and happy life.

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