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Have we been laughed at yet? Has someone made fun of us because we mentioned that we are going to get a home based job? If so, they won’t be laughing long. Such jobs do exist and those jobs are becoming more and more common as companies struggle to stay in the black and the prices of buildings and office space keep rising day by day. It’s the new idea, work from home. There are many types of these positions. In the instance of a service company like our appliance repair man, a company might let its techs go home with the company truck and get him to operate all his deals from home instead of them keeping a large shop open that is generally empty during the day long. Many sales organizations now are doing basically the same process. They find that they don’t need offices that are usually empty because the sales people are out in their territories and those are work from home.

The list is long.1. Firstly, go online and do ordinary searches for what we are looking for. Be specific in our searches. If we don’t know how to fine tune our searches, do exactly like this including the quotes: “home based jobs + the kind of position we seek + the area we want + a particular company if we wish”. The quotes are called an optimized search and the plus signs allow us to fine tune and laser focus the search engines on exactly what we are looking for. This puts us that much closer to work from home jobs. One critical thing to remember is that we should never have to pay for access to online job postings. Watch for this and stay away from pay for those.

2. Once we’ve got some prospects, call or go to our local Better Business Bureau and ask about the companies we are thinking of. They will be able to point out the bad eggs to us in the work from home game.3. Then, do a search for forums the same way on the net. We will end up talking to people who are doing the job we are interested in and the companies we are looking at. The biggest benefit of these forums is that they will have many new ideas that we never thought of regarding real home based jobs.4. There is one other avenue for us to explore that it would be negligent if it didn’t mention. Many people are creating their own job to their own exact specifications what they need.  This boil downs them to creating a small web site of their own and then setting up a little online business.

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