Home based job on article writing to earn 20,000INR per month

Home based job on article writing to earn 20,000INR per month is offered to all the professional online writers. You have to write articles within this website only to earn money from your home or office. You have to do this article writing job on the topic called life skills coaching. Article writing job is suitable for the people who can write own sentences in english. Article writing job will become permanent when you are consistent in writing for a period of 3 months. This job can be done by housewives, retired persons, students, executives, professionals and of course anyone who wants to earn money from home.

Article writing professional


The designation of this job is Article writing professional. This job can be done either part or full time by any individual. The title of this job is Article writing job. Key to become success in article writing is writing fresh and own content. To eligible for this job, only qualification is english language and some subject grip on the article that you write. You should not copy the sentences from other websites or from print media…etc

Article writing

Article writing job rules and regulations

Following table shows the different types of membership plans for article writing job to earn consistent money online. Interested writer can post a comment to this article. We will send further details to your mail within maximum of 24 hours.

Membership Fee Per Year No. Of articles to write per Month Amount Per Article Payment Date Minimum Payment Threshold
No Investment (Single User) 100 50 5th of the following month 5000
2000 (Single user) 100 75 5th of the following month 7500
5000 (Single User) 200 100 5th of the following month 20000

If you want to become our paid member, you can send the respected payment which is mentioned in the above table using this Online Payment Gateway

Terms & Conditions:

  • You can do this home based article writing ┬ájob if you have good writing skill in English
  • The article that you write should have proper meaning in completeness
  • You must write each article using your own sentences
  • Each article must contain at least 500 words in length
  • Each article must contain at least one good image which is also not to be copied from anywhere. Instead, you can edit an image which is relevant to the written article.
  • Writer should not copy the text or images from any other media (Ex: Newspaper, Internet..etc)
  • Each article should have good title, description using the same focus keyword that you choose
  • Our content proof readers will thoroughly read each article by our members and will be approved when it is appropriate
  • If your article is found copied from somewhere, it will be deleted.
  • We will pay only when you write the minimum target of articles as per the opted plan
  • You have to complete the writing of minimum monthly articles to get the eligibility to receive a payment
  • Any paid member will become inactive if he/she doesn’t write minimum target of articles for 3 consecutive months
  • Membership fee is non refundable under any circumstances

If you want to get more clarity on this job, you can leave your message using the following form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the details.

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  1. Kavya

    Home based job is the ray of hope for peopke who have passion to work on their knowledge. Early waiting to connect with u

  2. Kavya

    Really helpful for the people who have the passion to work but r restricted due to some reasons . Looking forward to connect u

  3. RodolfoClemente

    HI! I’m an article writer for 2 years that can write on various topics and formats. Kindly contact me if interested.

  4. Sophie


    I’m very interested. Can I start immediately? I have already signed in but I have a problem in opening the site. Can you send me the details to my email address (sophiasarona@gmail.com)

  5. sandip

    It is for sure a good business plan, it would help every individual to grow internally and also his thoughts to be publish in market and read by many people .Apart from all the aspects it would mainly help in knowledge diversification and locating the knowledge to the needy as a never ending resource.


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