Are you getting bored when you are alone? Simple strategy is revealed!

When you feel bored when you have to spend time alone, the best way to rejoice yourself is writing whatever you have in your mind on the spot. Of course not something which hurts the society in any direction. If you can include a good message in your writing would be better. Think differently to present what you have in your mind. Keep writing to produce a wonderful book or to convert a nice story. The action of writing should be started as soon as you feel bored. You can at least 30min to 1hours easily wherever you are. You can use your phone to type, later you can send it through mail and then can be posted in your own blog.

When you get bored what to do

If no thoughts or information comes to your mind to write, you can just write about the dreams that you got already. Your dream is unique always. Unique dreams and stories are interested for the people to read. So that there will be a big chance of getting your story attracted by huge base of readers. This is one of the best way to become famous by helping other reader. You can write something which is useful for the people like business men, students, executives, professionals, retired people, ladies…etc. Once you get name and fame, money generating is very easy. World is running behind brand. You can also create your own brand by writing your own experiences. Every human being is uniquely designed and sent to the planet earth. Use your free time to create something unique and wonderful to read. Make your time for productive work which will give fruits forever. As I am writing this articles I am really enjoying. I am writing article by standing in front of a big shopping mall in Hyderabad, India. Who will stop me to write something good which is so useful for many of young boys and girls. Today, many of the young boys, girls, professionals, marketing or sales representatives roaming on the roads to spend their time without doing any productive work.

In my observation, If you are the person falls into the category of above mentioned set of people, you should spend sometime daily to write which is there in your mind each moment. You can start your own blog or a website to post various articles on different subjects. If you write regularly and update your blog, you can earn some money through the advertisements. Advertisements are offered by many online programs like Google Adsense. You can sign up as a ad publisher with any well known ad provider like Google Adsense. Your application will be approved if you have good content in your website or blog. Once your application is approved by them, you can start pasting the ad code in between your post just like this article. There will be 2-3 ads in this article. All the ads can be displayed related to the content. Interested people may go the advertised websites to avail different services or may buy the products that are advertised. You will get your rewards as and when your visitors visits advertiser’s websites.

So the writing habit pushes you into very happy mood instantly and also it will give you an earning opportunity in long run. Your writing will be there forever even after you are not alive on this planet earn. Imagine how beautiful if your article makes some royalty money for coming generations by using your bored time. So don’t waste the time unnecessarily. Time is money and energy. Knowledge is power. You should become more energetic to use your knowledge to utilise the time properly. You should always observe the things, people, shops, businesses while roaming on the road and start writing by sitting or standing at any good place which is convenient to write. This is my suggestion for today’s younger generation.

You can share this article in your circle. The people who are in your network may get the benefit of getting an idea to writing their own experiences. Indirectly or directly, you can feel the happiness by helping other people.

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