Fundamentals of web page or web site designing

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The website should contain information about the business or which it is being designed. The information can be any thing like text, image or a video. The layout of the page should be very simple and should be easily readable and accessible by a visitor.

We can not design a web page such way that every visitor of our site should like. This depends up on visitor taste and feeling while visiting a site. Overall look should be pleasant, informative and useful to a visitor. Then the visitor will spend lot of time in our site and may visit no. of times to our site frequently. So you need to special care in designing a web page. You should use proper colour combination for text and titles. Some good background colour or image also will fetch more attention towards our site. Use proper header image with your company or personal website name and good caption. You may use flash content also if required. Plan and arrange navigation bar and important links in your home page such a way that visitor can access all of your website pages from single location.

To construct a website we should have proper plan. That means how may pages you are planing to design, this depends upon your services or products you are dealing. Classify your products or servers as main categories and then plan for internal pages. After designing all pages you can link all together using anchor tags. I will show you clearly about what files are required and how those looks like in later sections using examples and screen shots. keep watching this blog to learn html.

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