Five best digital marketing strategies that can be done at 0 cost

You can follow any type of digital marketing methods to promote your product or service. It all depends on the time that you want to spend or the money that you can allocate. I have been researching and succeeding in digital marketing since 2006 to promote my online training on sap basis administration. With my own experience, I found that the following 5 digital marketing strategies are the best ways to promote any type of product or service at 0 cost.

digital marketing

5 digital marketing strategies

Strategy 1: Writing articles (Content writing)

You can start writing more and more about your product or service. You can write as many articles as you can to describe or explaining about your product or service. You can tell the people about your product advantages and features in the form of articles. For example, As I am an SAP Basis trainer, I have started writing about my training program and wrote many step-by-step procedures to do an experiment. People used to read my step-by-step procedures and then used to contact me to more service or knowledge from me. I have been asked to join my one-to-one training on sap basis administration. In this way, I have got lot of students and contacts from all over world. You can also start writing articles on the service that you want to offer or about the product that you want to sell. So finally what is my suggestion is article writing is the 1st best strategy in digital marketing to get more number of visitors to your website. You have to understand that the content is king for digital marketing.

Strategy 2: Writing your own ebooks to sell online

You can write an ebook to sell online. It is a very good idea to make profit in many ways through ebooks. Writing a ebook will make you an author and it will enable you to stand in the group of most valuable individuals within the society. You will get good respect from the people around you. You can publish your ebook online for selling in different online stores and of course in your own website. Your book content will become content for your own website to attract more number of visitors. After getting huge visitors to your website, you can sell advertising banners to companies. Can you guess, Who is the king here? It may be clearly indicating that content is the king here for digital marketing. When your website is equipped with non-copied content, your are in the game of digital marketing.

Strategy 3: Starting online classifieds

Starting online classifieds website to get content from your advertisers automatically is best strategy to quick start of digital marketing. Even in this case also, you have to write your own articles to tell about your classifieds website. Once your classifieds website is known to many people, they will automatically post their text advertisements. As and when they post some content in your website, your rank will improve and attract more number of visitors. You have to observe one common point is the content. Content is the king for digital marketing. Without content, there is no question of digital marketing.

Strategy 4: Creating online marketplace

You can start any type of online marketplace where people come together to share and exchange their ideas, or buy and sell their products, offer their services. You can start any type of services like online shopping cart, matrimony site, real estate website…etc. Whatever you start, your main aim should be on getting content from your customers or visitors. Again here also content is the king for your digital marketing. You have to provide your customers to enter details about their products or services along with keywords, description, images, videos etc… You have to make a facility to enter alt tags and description for the media that they upload. Description and alt tag of an image files helps search engine to understand what the image file is and then it will crawl and shows in its search results for related keyword.

Strategy 5: Recording videos to publish in your own channel

You can start recording videos on the skill that you have and share those with your friends, colleagues and family members. You can also ask them to share your videos in their group to attract more viewers for your videos. You must remember to write a good description, title and keywords to your videos. With the proper description, content and keywords, your videos will attract more number of views organically. In this strategy also, content plays significant role for digital marketing.

Finally, digital marketing is nothing but content writing and spreading the word about any product or service. If you can adopt the habit of content writing, you can approach any business to get the contract of digital marketing to promote their business. You can mainly use digital marketing to promote your own skill or product to earn money online. You can earn lot of money through digital marketing. Digital marketing is going to become number one promotion strategy day by day. So I recommend you to become digital marketing expert to make your own career as an independent online consultant for digital marketing.

You can start digital marketing to promote my own videos on SAP Basis administration to earn instantly 25% commission on each sale. This money will be credited to your bank account by the payment gateway company without my involvement.

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  1. Khalid Yusef Khan

    Good idea.Nice reading material.It should work. An aporoach is a sign of reaching success,only luck remains to be met on the same approach.
    Khalid yusuf Khan
    Material Engineer

    • Raj

      Hi Mr. Khan

      Yes. I agree with you about luck. At the same time, constant effort in any work gives you success one day. Its all depends on how patience about your success.

      Raj Punarvasi – Software & Wellbeing coach


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