Finally I prove myself that online blogging enable us to earn consistent income – proof attached

I was waiting for this check since long time to know whether I can earn money just by writing articles or not. I have proved that blogging consistently enables me to earn regular monthly income. I have decided to write articles daily to help my blog readers. You can look at the image of the commission check which I got it from Google. This may give you some confidence to make your career as blogger.

Adsense check

I felt very very happy when my postman gave this check to me. This income  has been completely generated from the organic visitors of my blog.  I have promoted some of the advertisements through my blog to get this commission. So the article writing job is also a genuine method of making money online and this kind of job enables you to earn consistent daily/weekly/monthly income.

What is the secret behind to get success in this job or business?

The secret behind getting success in blogging is very simple. Secret behind this type of business is ‘Read, understand and reproduce the articles in your own language’. Then your article becomes new to the world. Then the search engine crawlers will pick the new content and keep them in their databases quickly. There is a chance of displaying your articles on top of search results. The visitors who search for the content that you have produced will come to your blog. These kind of visitors are called organic visitors. When you produce more new content, your blog may attract more numbers of visitors without spending huge money for the advertisements. When there are lot of visitors to your blog, there is a big chance of earning huge money quickly.

How do a new person can start this type of business or job…

Keep commenting articles written by many people in their blogs. You will get web identity and experience in writing. Then start a new blog and keep writing articles. I can provide search engine optimised website to my blog readers at very low price. You may not need to spend time for developing a good SEO enabled blog to start writing articles. Search engine optimised blog helps your articles to crawl by search engines quickly and display your articles as search results within 24 hours.

Other benefits of blogging….

I have been earning money by providing online services like remote SAP installations, SAP basis training, networking support…etc. I have served the different types of customers all over the world. My writing and communication skills are exponentially improving day by day. I have been interacting with at least 5-10 people who asks questions in my blog every day. My blog’s ( daily visitors reached nearly to 600 now as on today May 11, 2011.

If you can not wait to get income through organic visitors of your own blog….

I can write 5 articles per day for my blog. I am planing to keep more articles about different technologies. To make my blog content rich, you can join with me to write articles from your end and post them in my blog. You can write on different topics like technology, entertainment, politics, news, sports, shopping, body building, beauty…etc. I can offer 100INR or 2USD per unique article. The article should consists at least one image and 500 words. To know more details about terms and conditions you can leave your comment for this article using the following form.

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  1. Lalit

    Looking forward to write on SAP ABAP, OOSAP, SAP EHS. Over 5 years of experience in the same after completion of BTech. Currently with Tier1 company.


    • Raj

      Hi Lalith, You can register in the site and start writing articles on the technologies which you have command over. Please keep on writing your daily technical experiences here. Once i a month, we will calculate the amount earned and transfer the amount to your bank account. Thanks Raj


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