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I am writing this post to inform you the salient points about a business idea which is extremely powerful & profitable. It may be known business to you, but without experiencing the profits, you may not show the interest to invest in this kind of business. So that, based on my own experience, I would like to share the business idea with limited number of people who are enthusiastic and wants to grow through investments. You can go through the following common questions usually that you get before starting any kind of business. I have covered most of the questions. Still, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

You can ask me the following common questions before investing

  1. Is it a Legal business idea?

A: Yes. 100% Legal business. You just need to file taxes as per your current slabs and location

  1. Did you personally experience the profit in this business?

A: Yes, I have personally experienced the profit. I will show you the proof along with my bank statement upon request.

  1. Does this business need an investment?

A: Yes, you need to invest very less amount. You can just see my own experience mentioned in the 5th point

  1. How much is the expected returns?

A: You can expect huge profits in this business. No limit for expectations.

  1. What is your experience in terms of money making?

A: My own experience (90USD investment 2000USD returns)

  1. What is the possibility of business expansion?

A: In my opinion, I can tell the business can be expanded to Infinity, but for shake of telling, you can make millions of dollars according to industry reports. I can share all the past stories by many people all over the world

  1. Is it share market related?

A: This business is not related to the share market or any kind of businesses related to gambling or money laundering or money circulating…. etc.

  1. Can I feel proud owner of this business?

A: 100% you can feel proud by doing this business

  1. Do I get identity within society by doing this business?

A: Yes. You will get identity within society as you grow

  1. Does this business has work involvement?

A: Of course. as usual without work, there is no business exist as per my knowledge, but it is super less work involvement (may be 30min – 1Hour), Right now, I am just working around 1 Hour to run this business

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  1. Is it related to the businesses based on any physical product/service selling?

A: No, it is not a physical product related business. It’s purely online business

  1. Did I hear or know about this business already?

A: May be yes, but until and unless you see someone makes profit in front of you, you may not start this kind of business. After all, knowing the experience is important factor to be encouraged and motivated to start this business. I will give you that experience by showing my profit. It will kick start or trigger your mind to venture into this kind of business.

  1. Do I get enjoyment while working?

A: Yes. 100% work satisfaction (Its research kind of work). Little brain should be used. I know that you have that kind of brain.

  1. Is it related to marketing?

A: No marketing required from your side or even from my side

  1. Do you support or help in this business?

A: No. I don’t support or help in this business. In fact, you don’t need any body’s support to start & run this business

  1. Do I need to depend on you?

A: No. You don’t need to depend on me

  1. Do you provide all the details to start this business?

A: Yes. I will explain and share all the details to start this business. Once you know the business idea, you don’t need to depend on me any more

  1. Do you also invest in my business?

A: No. I don’t invest single dollar in your business

  1. Will you do the same business parallel to my business?

A: Yes. I am doing right now. I will definitely continue forever, but and If want I may stop. It is all depends on my own physical, mental, emotional states…. But, you can continue as long as you want without depending on me

  1. Do I need to promote your name or business?

A: No. You don’t need to promote my name or business or any of my associated people’s businesses or products. It is purely your own business. You don’t need to tell my name anywhere and anytime.

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  1. Do I need to work for you?

A: No. You won’t work for me. You will work for you and for your family.

  1. Do I need to know any programming or software coding knowledge?

A: No. You don’t need to know any programming or software coding skills

  1. Do I need to recruit Man power?

A: No need to recruit any employee to conduct this business

  1. Do I need to establishment an office?

A: No need to establish an office. You can do this business from wherever you will be

  1. Does this business need any expenditure?

A: No upfront expenses. 10-20% on the profit (expenses would be deducted and remaining balance would be transferred to your bank account)

  1. Do you personally transfer?

A: No. I don’t transfer; I am no way related to this work.

  1. Do you get any commission out of my work?

A: No. Not even single dollar. That is why I am asking upfront money to share this business idea (It is kind of business consultancy fee) or profit sharing agreement

  1. To run this business, is Internet connection required?

A: Yes. It is completely based on internet. So that you need to have an internet connection either in your computer or in your phone. Smart phone is more than enough to run this business.

  1. Is it a kind of System driven?

A: Yes. It is completely system driven and US government organizations and authorities along with reputed private organizations spread across worldwide are involved. So that, there is no problem or closure of this kind of business. It will run forever until the digital world exists

  1. Is it a global business?

A: Yes. It is global business. There are no geographical place restrictions to conduct this business

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  1. Do I need to travel to operate this business?

A: No. you don’t need to travel to operate this business

  1. Do I get lose?

A: Loss is Negligible. Because you invest very less money which could be within your financial capacity. Consider my case, for an example, as I mentioned in the point no. 5 which was my own experience. That means, if I don’t get 2000USD, my running loss would be around 90USD. For this 90USD also there will be further expectations for huge profit, it could be 10000USD or 1Lakh USD or even more than that….

  1. Can I travel for self-enjoyment while running this business?

A: Yes. Travelling is for your own enjoyment not for business. You can travel wherever you want without disturbing this business. You can do this business while travelling, by staying in your own city/town/village or even while sleeping…

  1. Does this business have any time constraints?

A: No. You can expect the profit Round the clock (365 days’ x 24 hours)

  1. What is your fee to share this business idea with me?

A: My fee to share this business idea is either 5000USD upfront payment without sharing profits that you get in your business OR (800USD + 49% from your profits only)

  1. If I enter into an agreement by giving you a fee of 800USD onetime payment along with 49% profits. How would you know that whether I am making profit or not?

A: It is purely left up to your honesty. For shake of having some genuine feeling for both of us, you many need to open a separate bank account exclusively for this business and send me the bank statement monthly through an email.

You can come up with any number of question before investing….

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    • Raj

      Hi, It is domain buying and selling business. I have sold one of my domain for 2000USD. I have invested approximately 90USD to keep the domain name with me for a period of 8 years. If you want to learn how to do this business professionally using some tools, Let me know. I will teach you.


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