ECC EhP5 IDES VMware virtual disk DVDs

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ECC 6.0 EHP5 IDES is installed in Windows server 2003 64bit Enterprise  Edition using VMware workstation and configured it for full time practice on different SAP modules. You can use this system to practice on different functional modules such as SD, MM, PP, FICO, PS, HR and technical modules such as ABAP and BASIS. Actual time required for installing this software in VMware will be around more than 2-3 days with minimum RAM of 4GB. I have installed this software and prepared virtual disk which can be used any number of times in any computer using VMware workstation software. The file extension of this virtual disk is .vmdk and the file size is 295GB. File size is huge either to upload or download. So I have zipped this file into 8 parts of zip files. So size of these files reduced to 32.2GB

Note: To run this virtual disk in VMware workstation, Your computer BIOS should have VT (Virtualization Technology) enabled. You can check for this option or call your vendor for support for enabling virtualization Technologies within the BIOS of your laptop/desktop/server.

Recommended hardware configuration to run ECC 6.0 EhP5 IDES in virtual machine

  1. Good processor such as Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7…etc
  2. 8GB RAM (4GB for your host OS and 4GB for VMware guest OS)
  3. 500GB external or internal HDD. For example, If your computer / laptop / server has 500GB HDD internal drive and have 400GB free space, you can copy 295GB file to your computer and configure. You can also use external drive if you do not have space in your internal drive.

Benefits of this type of ides installation

  1. No need to remove your original OS which comes with your computer / laptop / server
  2. You can run ECC 6.0 EhP5 IDES on any computer, any number of times
  3. Easy to configure and use in the virtual environment
  4. Once you configure ecc 6.0 ehp5 ides in virtual environment, you can access this system from your host operating system or from any other computer which is connected in the same network using GUI Front end software
  5. You can avoid long running time of installation from scratch
  6. You can practice on different modules like SD, MM, PP, FICO, PS, HR, ABAP, BASIS…etc
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