ECC + BI + BO virtual disk

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ECC 6.0 SR2 + BI 7.0 + BO 3.1 virtual disk is available for download. All of the mentioned SAP systems are installed in single VMware workstation and the virtual disk is zipped and uploaded to online hosting account. You can download the 7-zip files. After downloading these files, you have to unzip these files using 7-zip file manager. After completion of unzip, you will get vmdk file in the location specified when you started extraction. You can use this vmdk file while creating new virtual machine in VMware workstation. When it prompts for virtual disk, you have to show the path extracted vmdk file. You can keep this vmdk file either in your internal or external hdd.

Once the VMware workstation is created,  you can start it using ‘Power on this virtual machine’ option in your VMware workstation program. Windows server 2003 64bit EE will be started, Log on using provided user account and password to see the desktop of Windows Server 2003. Once you get the desktop, you have to open SAP MMC (Microsoftware Management Console) and right click on the SID of the either ECC or BI and then click on start. You have to wait until color turns to green. Then you can log on to SAP system using SAP GUI Log on program.

VMDK files details

  • Origianl file size: 260GB
  • Created in VMware workstation 8
  • File extension: .vmdk
  • Program used for zipping file: 7-zip file manager
  • No. of 7-zip files – 9 files (36GB approx)
  • File names: biboecc.7z.001 to biboecc.7z.009
  • VT (Virtualization Technology) should be activated in the BIOS of your computer or laptop to run VMware virtual machine.

You can get back to me for more details about this VM.

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  1. suja

    Hi Raj,

    I want to practice BW/Bi in my system, please let me know this ECC + BI + BO virtual disk is helpful for it.. and let me know the cost details.

  2. Andy K

    Please can you tell me whether or not you can supply installation DVD’s for BI7 IDES.

    If so, what is the cost including shipping to the UK, what forms of payment do you accept, and whether or not you can supply these by electronic delivery (download from server).

    Thanks very much




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