ECC 6.0 sr2 ides can be restored from vmware image within 1 hour

ECC 6.0 sr2 ides can be restored from vmware image within 1 hour. I have installed SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 in my computer using vmware workstation.  The .vmdk file will be created while installing creating virtual machine in vmware software. We can  copy .vmdk file to any computer or laptop to restore ecc 6.0 sr2 ides within 5 minutes. You have to use this ECC 6.0 SR2 installation for educational purpose only. You should not use  installation for any commercial purpose. You have to buy the original software from SAP AG to use in a production environment.

Any body can install this software on their computer or laptop in one hour by following simple installation procedure. I will provide all required tools to restore the software. You can start practice after completion of restoring. You may need to have your mother board drivers to install some of the automatically not installed  drivers.

To install this software, you should have minimum of 500GB Hard Disk and 2GB RAM. I recommend to use 4 GB RAM for better working experience. You should have minimum dual core processor. I will help you online while restoring on your computer or laptop.

Please contact me for further clarification. You can also leave comments about this article here. I can send this file through courier or post by copying on a 500GB portable hard disk.

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