ECC 6.0 installation step-by-step procedure at free

ECC 6.0 installation is very easy to install in a desktop or laptop is very easy. You should have the entire software ready before installing ECC. You also should be ready with the sufficient hardware ready to install ECC software in your desktop or laptop. You should have server operating with latest service pack to install sap ECC 6.0 software. Windows server 2003 or 2008 is required to install sap ECC 6.0 sr2 or sr3.

Hard disk partitioning is very important to install sap ECC 6.0 in your desktopĀ or laptop. you should have minimum 320 GB hard disk to install SAP ECC 6.0 sr2. You make the partitions as 20 GB for c and 250 GB for d and 50 GB for e. The operating system will be installed in C: and SAP will be installed in D: and software dump will be copied to E: drive

you should set the system time to something forward before starting installation of ECC 6.0. for example if you are planning to install the software today i.e. may 19, 2010 you set the system as may 19, 2021. Both the dates are representing same day (Wednesday). So that there is no confusion in determining dates and days. You can bring this date back to its original date as May 19, 2010 or May 20, 2010. Sap training software by default gives 4 weeks license. We can get more than one month by doing above date setting. We can practice sap modules for ever without having any license problems.

You keep the system name as per the name which is generated by your solution manager, because the installation/solman key works with the system name which generated by solution manager. You should be very careful in giving system name while installation of windows server 2003/2008.

You should install a dummy network adapter as you should have a network server to install ECC. So that you can install Microsoft loop backĀ adapter to avoid the need of a networked computer. Microsoft loop back adapter makes the computer as a network computer and can be tested with self ping with the ip address which is assigned to loop back adapter. So that the computer with network is ready to install ECC in your standalone computer.

you have to set the performance settings from computer properties. You have to set the page file according to your installed RAM in your computer. You set this size as double as your installed ram. You can set this file either in your c or d drive. The minimum ram required to install sap ECC 6.0 sr2 is 2GB and recommended is 4GB. So the page file should be double of this installed ram.

The next step is Java installation. Install java software which will be available with the sap software. You can install it easily without any problem. You have to create JAVA Home and path in environment variables using system icon which will be available in control panel. you can check the java installation from command prompt after setting environment variables. you can check using java and javac commands.

Install oracle from the software provided with sap software. While installation of oracle software it will ask you to enter global database name, you should enter this as orcl two times and continue installation by answering all default. After completion of the oracle software the global database also will be installed and configured automatically.

You should see for the installation master in your sap software and apply oracle patches. You should search for the sapinst in your sap software and start the installation of sap ECC 6.0 by selecting ECC central instance for oracle database. Give all the paths of all exports and other software components as per the guidance of all screens. You will not have any confusion if you have proper sap software. You have to give database SID as you generated by solution manager and also ask you to enter solution manager key during the installation of ECC. You should have all this information ready before starting installation of sap ECC 6.0 sr2 in your desktop or laptop. This phase will take minimum 18 hours to finish. You should be very patient during this time. You can do other works or you can sleep during this phase of this installation.

You have to install GUI client software after completion of above step. This client software will be used to connect to your main sap software. So you can configure clients and can access your sap modules as per your interest. You can practice SD, MM, FI/CO, PP and ABAP modules using this software.

You can also ask me any more questions on installing sap ECC 6.0 sr2 or sr3 software on your computer or laptop. I will provide help at free of cost for some of the minor problems you face while installing sap ECC software. I will take nominal charges for major problems. So keep in touch with this blog for more updates on latest technology.

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61 thoughts on “ECC 6.0 installation step-by-step procedure at free”

  1. i read your article it was really helpful…i need to kno that when i install it on laptop the blu scree of physical dump comes….how to rectify

    1. Hi
      I think you are getting this blue screen error while you are trying to install windows server 2003 operating system. If i am right, you are getting this error becuase of your SATA drivers of your Laptop. Please reply me back if I am correct for furhter help on the issue.


  2. Hi ,
    I wanted to install ECC on my desktop, I read your artical and its really a good one. As mentioned in artical ,
    “. you have to give databse sid as you generated by solution manager and also asks you to enter solution manager key during the installtion of ecc. you should have all this information ready before starting ”

    I am installing ECC 6 at home desktop ,I do not have solution manager key , So does that mean i can not install ECC 6 ?


    1. Hi
      Solution manager key is mandatory for any netweaver prodcuct installation except solution manager itself. You should have the solution manager to generate solman key. I can provide you this key if you can give me sid, Host Name and installation number.

      1. hi raj, could you please help me to my problem?

        I’m Stack in the Installation of SAP IDES Ecc6 on solution manager key. I don’t have a solution manager and i cant download it on sap marketplace b’coz they need a customer or Installation ID, how can I continue Installing this ERP without this solman key? could you please provide me the key?

        Host Name: SAP
        SID : ECC
        CIN: 00

        thanks RAJ

  3. I m facing problem in installing ecc 6.0 in vmware
    ram is 1536Mb C: drive 20gb, D: 250Gb E:36 GB with ECC 6.0
    Dump. j2sdk-1_4_2_12 is installed and JAVA_HOME Env Var is
    set. Oracle 10g installed.
    Getting error in import ABAP phase:
    CJS-30022 Program ‘Migration Monitor’ exits with error code 103

    Raj kindly help.


    A kumar

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Are you are getting error at the import ABAP stage? It looks like a problem with your export files. Look into the log files to know about which file is corrupted. Retry by copying that file from DVD to your HDD. You can succeed sometimes. Please get back to me if you are still facing the same problem after finding out the corrupting file. I will try to send the corrupted file.


  4. Hi Raj,

    Is it possible to install SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 on external hard drive using VM ware?

    If this is possible, can you please tell how one should go about doing that.



    1. Hi

      Installing on external drive is time taking process. Instead install SAP ECC 6.0 SR2 in a physical HDD using VMWare and copy the .vmdk file to your external drive. Then configure your VMware workstation to use the virtual hard disk file. You can copy this file to any computer to practice SAP modules.


    2. Hi Raj,

      I have ECC 6.0 SR2, to enable BI, I should install separately after installing ECC 6.0? or it is part of ECC 6.0, Kindly clarify.

  5. Hi Please Help me
    I have got SAP image which i install it on my external Hard disk after successful installation, when i plug in my external hard disk in my pc and laptop …it start windows 2003 but soon blue screen with some errors comes and than computer restarted again

    Please help me


  6. Hi,
    Can you please provide me the solution manager key for:
    central instance host: monissap

    Central instance number: 00

    1. Hi You can download the software from either through SAP market place. This will be possible only with sid along with download authorization. I can install online just for $120 or 5000 INR if you are ready with the software. Thanks Raj

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