How to drop a tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system?

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I am writing this article so that, You will be learning the step-by-step procedure to drop a tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system in this article. I am writing this article to help my blog readers, students and channel subscribers. you have to follow the each and every step carefully to perform this experiment successfully. After reading this article, you can confidently drop a tablespace in the oracle database of an SAP system. I am writing this article with the intention of transferring my knowledge to you. If you are performing this experiment on real servers, please take the proper backup of the entire database as per your company standards. I would recommend a basic SAP Netweaver system which is enough to perform an experiment of drop a tablespace.

Step-by-step procedure to drop a tablespace in the oracle database in an SAP system

  • Log in to the host which has Oracle database instance of an SAP system is installed
  • You have to use ADM user to drop a tablespace in an SAP system
  • Open command prompt using run-cmd
  • You can also open command prompt using ‘Program files – Accessories – Command prompt’
  • Go to SQL prompt using the following command
  • C:Usersdevadm.NW7EHP1>sqlplus /nolog (NW7EHP1 is my host name and DEV is my SAP system identifier)
  • SQL prompt will be displayed as following
  • SQL>
  • Enter the following command at SQL> prompt
  • SQL>connect /as SYSDBA
  • Following message will be displayed
  • Connected.
  • You can consider that, you have connected to the oracle database which you have specified in your environment variables
  • You can use the following command to start the database
  • SQL>startup
  • Following couple of lines will be displayed to inform you that the oracle database is started
  • Oracle instance started.
  • Total System Global Area 1358954496 bytes
  • Fixed Size 2077424 bytes
  • Variable Size 687869200 bytes
  • Database Buffers  654311424 bytes
  • Redo Buffers 14696448 bytes
  • Database mounted.
  • Database opened.
  • From the information displayed above, you can confirm that you have successfully started oracle database from which you want to drop a tablespace
  • Ensure that the Tablespace must have already been created to perform this experiment
  • Do not delete any standard tablespace which is required to start an SAP system
  • Now, Go to BRTOOLS command from Command prompt
  • In the first choice menu type number 2 (Space management) and hit enter
  • In the choice menu 5, type number 3 (Drop tablespace) and hit enter
  • In the BRSPACE options for drop tablespace input menu enter letter c and hit enter
  • BRSPACE will be started with the options ‘….’ will be displayed
  • Enter the letter c and hit enter
  • Tablespace drop main menu will be displyed
  • You must be able to see = sign in front of Drop Tablespace
  • Enter the letter c and hit enter
  • List menu ‘List of tablespaces for dropping’ will be displayed
  • Enter the number for tablespace to be deleted
  • You have to select the appropriate number carefully
  • Select the corresponding number and hit enter
  • Input menu ‘Options for dropping tablespace xxxxx’ will be displayed
  • Type the letter c and hit enter
  • You will see the message ‘Tablespace xxxxx dropped successfully’

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