Don’t you have proper qualification? Need a Job?

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Don’t you have proper qualification? Need a job? Watch my videos on internationally in-demand technology(SAP) Basis/Netweaver administration. You should get job in very less period of time. You can apply the knowledge which you will get by watching my videos to get a job. You can learn each and every experiment on maintaining SAP systems with the help of my videos. I have recorded more than 100 videos on SAP Basis administration. You can watch each video and learn the concept of different sap basis administration activities. Once you get some experience in handling sap systems, you can start applying for SAP basis/ Netweaver administration jobs. You will get many interview calls for this skill. You have to answer their questions confidently. You have to do little smart work in learning SAP Basis administration. You have to just watch my videos repeatedly for 3-4 times to understand the concept of SAP basis administration. You will gain knowledge faster by watching videos rather reading books.

SAP systems are the computers on which the SAP software is installed. You can check the name of an SAP system using SAP Management console. SAP systems are named as with the help of system identifiers. System identifier consists of 3 character word. Example of SAP system’s SIDs are DEV, QAS, PRD, TNG, TST…etc. Each SAP system may consists of many instances. Each instance will be identified with a number. Example of instance numbers are 00, 01, 02, 03, 04…etc

You will understand the concept of SAP administration very easily through my videos. I have demonstrated clearly about different type of SAP system installations. I have also demonstrated on how to install operating system and its preparation for installing SAP system.

If you need a job as SAP system or basis administrator, subscribe to my videos and watch all the videos carefully and try to understand the concept of maintaining SAP systems and be ready for answering interview calls that you will be applying during the course of time.  You should not get disappointed for not getting selected in the initial interviews. You will get confidence after failing some interviews.

You can go through my videos page for more details about different videos on sap basis administration along with time duration of each video. You can ask me any questions before subscribing to my private list of videos.

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