Don’t beg for the opportunity when you have skill, create it!

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Don’t beg for the opportunity when you have some skill, create it by spreading information about your skill through your own writing using online tools like blogging, facebook, google plus and many more social networking sites. You have to present your skill properly to the public in the various ways that are all possible with you. You can create your own blog to write articles about your skill. You can just follow my blog on how to write and showcase skills online.

When you can write about yourself and your skills, people will come to you when they search for a service which is related to your skill in the search engines. It is very easy to connect you when the people who searches for a service which is related to your skill. Conversion will become very easy for you when they come through your blog. Your blog will act as a front office representative to explain about your services. Once they understand completely about your services that you offer online, they can either directly purchase your service or buy the product that you are promoting or will contact you to negotiate the price. Then it will become very easy to convince your visitor.

There is a huge possibility of improving your language and writing skills in the process of promoting your original skill. You have to keep always a small information in your mind is that, your blog is your office. It may be very small with 1-2 employees or a very very big with more than 1 lakh employees. You can imagine that, an office with 1 lakh employees, how big it would be. Your blog can become and replace that type of big corporate office. There are people who are earning millions of bucks every day using their content. Search engines loves to crawl and show it to searchers. So you have to present your skill through your articles, stories or books. You can choose any type of promotional activities to showcase your skills.

I have been writing articles on software & wellbeing since long back to promote my services and training programs. Today, I am just sitting in home and spending more time with my family members without compromising on the income. You can also follow the same procedure to make your own earning without asking to provide opportunity. You can create opportunity for yourself.

I have been hearing the words form young engineers who completed their studies that ‘they will get married only when they have job in the corporate companies’ Yes, of course I will agree with them about present trend. Even Though, I suggest them to create their own profile online and prove them that they can earn independently without any big company’s support. Also I tell them that, show their confidence on establishing their own organization if required in the future. I also suggest them to save money that they have already earned and show the cash balance which is earned by them before marriage. They will definitely convince what they tell by seeing their confidence and bank balance.

Finally what I mean to say is that, When you are skilled, don’t ask for the opportunity, create the opportunity and showcase your skill. Your success is guaranteed without any doubt. You can save lot of time and money by following this route. You can take my suggestion if you want. If you want to make some money until you create your own skillset blog, you can sell my videos on sap basis administration.

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